Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another Two-fer from LivingSocial

Yet again, LivingSocial is doing their two movie tickets from Fandango for $9.00

I just used the ones from the first deal, it's legit folks, these tickets are good at any theater that uses Fandango. The tickets are valued up to $15.00 so even if you want to go see the next big movie in 3D in the most expensive theater in town you'll still be able to use this deal as long as the tickets cost less than $15.00 each... all for $9.00... Do it

You have 13 hours...


  1. Eeep wish I saw this sooner!! We finally just used our last ones to go see Bridesmaids ;)

  2. Ha! We JUST used ours too and it was ALSO for Bridesmaids!! Did you like it???