Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bridesmaids dresses continued

Hello again!! I am tired and achy but so glad to be back!!

I got back from my hike on Thursday night and spent some time with the fam. On Saturday, my mom, sister and I went to David's Bridal to try on bridesmaids dresses. If you'll recall, I really liked the cotton sateen dresses from DB, but was not too thrilled about the stiffness of the fabric. I was also concerned about the color. This bridesmaids dress color thing is so hard... Nothing is as it seems. This DB had large swatches of each fabric in each color... And here's the wine color!

The top is satin, the middle is cotton sateen, and the bottom is chiffon. Surprise surprise, the color doesn't come through too well in this picture, but suffice it to say, the satin is exactly the color I want (it looks a bit purple here, but it's a very good burgundy in real life), the cotton sateen has just a bit too much red, and the chiffon is really close in color to the satin.

I would not be upset with the cotton sateen, but the chiffon is actually a closer color match to what I would love to see at the wedding, and of course the fabric has better movement, so it makes the chiffon an even more desireable choice.

On to the actual dresses!

Jordan really liked this one (and of course Keri did too). It's a tad too big on her, she tried on one that fit, and it looked fantastic. I think that she also liked the support of the neckline; no pulling up the dress all night. Last but definitely not least, cotton is comfortable, isn't it?

However, just in case, and because I didn't want to miss out on any options, I asked her to try on some chiffon dresses too.

I also thought this dress was flattering and adorable on her. She liked the slight ruching on the top and the halter, but she didn't like the lack of detail in the skirt.

That's fine, but I was already more pleased with the flow and movement in the skirt.

I had one more up my sleeve...

I was so nervous about this dress because I thought it would look too cutesy with the ruffles on the bottom, but on the contrary! It's flattering in the waist, modestly detailed in the bust, and not at all too cutesy in the skirt.

My mom also liked this one (even though her face would suggest otherwise :)).

I was further sold after seeing pictures like this:
From Sparkle and Hay.

The bride's dress is ruffled, and so are the bridesmaids, but in this case, it's not overkill; I think this combo works really well together.

Anyway, point is, I don't want my girls to think I don't care about their opinion, but as of right now, I'm pretty much sold on this last dress. All that's left is for me to humbly ask Keri to make yet another trip to David's Bridal and try on the two chiffon dresses.

I wouldn't ask either of them to wear this dress if it was hideous, but let's not ignore the fact that Jordan also looks really great in the chiffon dresses. In the end, the fact is that a decision needs to be made; we hit the five month mark today!

So, any ideas? Comments? Did anyone else finally just decide that it would be easiest just to be the grown-up and take the plunge?

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