Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday Inspiration

I thought I'd take a break from agonizing over wedding attire and think about other wedding stuff...

Remember this?

Well, I just saw a blog post about chair adornments and it got me thinking that what a cute idea to have this fabric backdrop at the alter and also have the same (obviously a smaller version) on the backs of our chairs during the reception!

Whoo hoo for me remembering to link it!

Anyway, it brings up another issue I had never thought about until recently... the chairs themselves!

See, I am not a fan of chair covers, I hate to say it, but it just makes me think 'What are you hiding underneath of there??'

I'm not even posting a picture because you all know exactly what I mean. I would rather have metal folding chairs with plastic 'cushions' than chair covers.

I have been a little laissez faire about these little details and just figured I would deal with it when the time came.

I've seen sooooo many blog posts about how in love everyone is with the chiavari chairs... I mean, people have to mention them every time they appear. At first, I just thought it was coincidence, or whoever was blogging really liked them, but then I noticed that everyone and their mother pointed out the chiavari chairs if they were there.

I still didn't really much care, until I was absentmindedly checking out our venue website (yeah, again):


Sorry, that was overkill, but apparently they come standard, this was a question I had not even though to ask at the time we were trying to decide on the venue. Add the amazing hardwood floors (again, ugly carpets not something I initially cared about) and I fall deeper in love with our venue everyday! Sure they don't have cushions, but at least they also don't have ugly covers :)

Oh optimism...


Has anyone else been pleasantly surprised about little details you didn't know you cared about?

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  1. Yes! I didn't care about chairs at first either..then I started seeing pics of chair covers and really didn't like them in pics..thought if they were off centered or they could slip so I am paying the extra for chivari chairs. I love what they look like in pictures, so classy and elegant!