Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trying to gather ALL the thoughts

There is no Kyle, only Zul:

I know, this one is a little obscure. You knock on the door and she answers and says "Are you the keymaster?" And you say "No, not that I know of." and she slams the door in your face...

I know, not as funny when I have to explain it, but the point is, KYLE! GO AWAY!

I got an e-mail not too long ago from the consultant who helped me at Vera Wang's flagship store in NYC just to check on me and see if I was still considering throwing $7,000 at her for a gown that wasn't styled the way I would have wanted, and that they refused to alter...
So so pretty.

I had a little spaz out, then politely e-mailed her back that even though the Erica was what I wanted, I could not justify spending the money for a dress that wasn't perfect (I mean, it's different when you're talking a $1,000 gown that needs a few alterations, but this was much much more money and they wouldn't even change a neckline!)

There was also this weird tug-of-war going on in my head: While I was self-conscious about my little pooch showing in this very very figure-hugging gown, I loved how sexy I felt in it- again, not sexual, but sexy- and at the same time was just slightly trepidatious that there wasn't much going on in the bodice- I mean, besides a very interesting banding, fine, but no waistline, no belt/sash, no nothing in the whole middle of the gown. These two slight negatives outweighed the positive, and then of course the price further stomped the warm fuzzy feelings from my heart, and then I really really didn't like the neckline:

It's like a big flap of something, it needed to go away!

Anyway!! I know, I'm dwelling, but these thoughts made me remember that this was why I was so drawn to the Priscilla of Boston gown:
It made perfect sense why I was so obsessed with the Priscilla dress because it was sleeker-shaped like the Erica.

HOWEVER!! I am having a real real hard time letting go of the the amazing skirt detail that Vera does so well (damn her):

I'm sure this doesn't do it for everyone, but as I put this little jpeg together, I was swooning the whole time. I could barely work the mouse!

So the reason I am writing this post is to enunciate that I recognize that the David's Bridal gown is fantastic and I do love it for the skirt and the volume is not so bad, but I also do really love the sleekness of the Priscilla of Boston dress because it reminds me of a-Wang that got a-Way.

Hey, at least I've narrowed it down to two :)

To recap:

[Mostly] thee one............. The fix (shape)......... The other fix (style)

In my heart I keep telling myself that I should not sacrifice style for shape, so the edge is going to the DB dress right now, but the size and fit of the PB dress is still so appealing.

I'm seriously ready to flip a coin.

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