Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thank Heavens I don't have to hike in this

Equals gross! Well, I mean, just today. And yesterday, here in Philly. Kyle is in Nebraska but he says it's just as bad there, the whole Eastern half of the US was a big red splotch on the Weather Channel yesterday and speaking of weather, as a side note, hurricane season has officially started. You can go check out Adrian by clinking the link above, or you could look at the ten day at our honeymoon locale:
Eeek! Thankfully I knew this was rainy/hurricane season for Central America and the Pacific in general, and that the rainy season is fully over by the time Kyle and I will be honeymooning there.

But on the home front, it's pretty tropical here too. I was feeling it last night when I met up with Emily to go see an absolutely astoundingly amazing Zoe Keating show she was wonderful enough to buy tickets for.

Instead of sitting in her cool apartment pre-show, we opted for wine on the back porch. It was gross out there, at 9:00 PM! But worth it because it was very very nice to hang out with Emily outside of lab, and just in general, and especially since she's going off to math camp next week... and because the week after, I'm going survival hiking!

I need to let everyone know that from June 18th-June 25th, I will be completely incommunicado because I will be hiking the Appalachian Trail for 5 days (10 miles a day). This was my dad's brilliant idea because he turned 50 this year (whoo hoo!) and so decided that this would be a great 50th birthday present for himself... and that he should drag me along as well. Just kidding Daddy, I'm excited!!

I borrowed a great pack from Emily, bought a new two pound tent, sleeping bag, freeze-dried food, and DRI-fit (non-cotton, sweat-wicking) clothing from Nike. I'll be carrying my life on my back for 50 miles, and I have to go light. This finally brings me to the whole point of this post which is that we had these fantastically horrible two days of heat and now it appears that the next ten days are going to be fantastic. Look at all those low 80's days! This is what spring should be like. The only thing that really ticks me off is that I really wanted to go strawberry picking this weekend and it appears it's going to be stormy all weekend. Booo!

I do not like spring.


  1. it was nice to hang out with you too, pal! especially before we both set out on our Big Adventures ;)

  2. Yeah- I'm leaving tomorrow for a 4-day biking trip in Maryland... that's the forecast we have to deal with. :/

  3. also, remember when we met Zoe Keating?

  4. Hey yeah! That seems vaguely familiar!! I recall it being awesome.