Wednesday, June 1, 2011

More bubbles!!

Courtesy of Shea Roggio:
Mmm hmm. The defense rests!

Real quick, I'd like to make a revision about an earlier post about speeches; I don't think we shouldn't have them. This past weekend, Kyle and I were at his dad's house, and Kyle's "stepbrother" (they're grown men, they don't really refer to each other as such, I'm just painting a picture) said he was going to give a speech about how upset I was that the wedding date falls in between mine and Kyle's birthday- how I will be 28 but Kyle will only be 27 still. And I died laughing that he was so adamant about how he was going to tell everyone how angry I was, like it was ruining my day. But it got me thinking, why don't we just let anyone speech it up?? You know, keep your time to 30 seconds or something, and only limit like 6 people total or something like that, but let anyone talk...

That probably sounds stupid to most people, but Kyle and I have a lot of friends and family that mean a whole lot to us but aren't best men or maids of honor. I want to give people the opportunity to speak if they so choose. There will also be people there who've known us longer than our best man/maid of honor (which does not imply one way or the other that this makes them better friends) but I know for a fact that my high school best friend has better spaz stories about me than anyone else. Anyway, just thoughts. I'm sure no one will go for this, but, a girl can dream!


  1. I love bubbles and I love funny speeches!

  2. Funny speeches are great, just don't let people go overboard talking, def set a limit or else they will go on and on! I'm a new follower..would love for you to stop by my blog and offer advice as I plan my wedding too!!