Friday, June 3, 2011

Bridesmaid [In]decision

Great news! Bridesmaid Keri came back into town to hand in her thesis (sorry sorry, DOCTOR Keri) and so she and I went bridesmaid dress shopping. I don't have her permission, so I will not post pictures of her in the dresses just in case she's self-conscious. I thought she looked awesome, and adorable, in some surprisingly cute David's Bridal dresses. Here's the ones she tried (I've shown them before, but here they are again):

This one I felt made her look too big (although the dress was too big) and short somehow.

Cute but boring.

This one is hard to describe... because Keri has hips, it made her hips look even bigger, because since this dress has pockets, it flares out where the pockets are...

That wasn't so hard. It made her look wide. It was a tad disappointing because she likes v-necks and I think she looks really good in v-necks, so I was sad that this was a no-go... but not too sad because the dress was just not flattering.

This one was definitely our favorite! It was flattering in the skirt, slimming in the waist, and the top is really cute.

It's comfortable (cotton! for a bridesmaid dress!! Thank you!) and well-priced and she might actually wear it again :)

My only issue at this point is that up until this trip, I had been looking at this color online (sangria) and even online, I'm not a huge fan of it because it's not very rich. Well, I finally saw it in the store in person and it's just as... meh. Not rich, a little too light. It might be something I just get over, as it still is a nice color, but I've done a little more shopping and found a few more bridesmaids dresses, and I'm back to the same old song and dance...: I just want some movement:

This is a Priscilla of Boston and it's very close to the same price ($20 more) as the David's Bridal and still has the design that everyone (so far) likes but it's in a more free-flowing material. Now, in bridesmaid world, chiffon usually sucks, so I have to go see it first. But they also have a color that I think would be a little more... what I want:

To my untrained eye, it does look very similar to the DB color, but a little darker maybe, a little closer to what I think I want. Whatever, point is, I'm going to at least check them out, especially because while the cotton is comfortable, it does not move at all. And, unlike David's Bridal, this style comes in a long version as well, in case one of the girls changes her mind and wants a long dress.

I'm going sometime early next week, so I'll be sure to take pictures and post them. Sorry to be indecisive girlies. By the way, since my mom had brought up the inconvenience of picking a place that there are none of near her, out of town orders and totally common, and here's a size chart for ya!

Courtesy of Priscilla of Boston!

Just for fun, I do want to show off a few others I happened to like from their collection, just in case someone sees something they like:

The first one is too short, I just think it's cool. I really like the two short one-shoulder dresses, so, you know, I'll do the same thing I did for David's Bridal; try 'em on, take pictures, post 'em up.

So the point of the title of this post is that I was originally only looking at chiffon dresses, then found those cotton sateen dresses from DB, then found these PB dresses and switched back to liking chiffon (at least for the time being, you know, until I physically see them). This is not going to be like the wedding gown saga, I've been trying really hard not to pull anyone in a million different directions. Keri was kind enough to come to DB and try on a few dresses, I won't make anyone do it again unless I like the PB dresses. I'm sure in the end it'll all be worth it...

So, has anyone else had a little difficulty finding bridesmaid dresses? I know the last two weddings I was in, the bride was like 'Here, wear this.' but trust me, this is nothing compared to the wedding gown search.


  1. I'm still looking for my BM's dresses, but I do want them to have some say in the matter. I think I found a color I like, and am pretty set on chiffon.. it just depends if they can all find something they like. It's so important to me that they are comfortable!

    That being said.. I started my search with color first. A lot of sites and stores had really cute dresses, but it just wasn't the shade I was looking for. So I reversed it, went with color first, and style/source second. Be sure you really love the color!! The teaberry from PB looks like it might be what you're looking for :)

  2. I like the one that is your favorite too. I also like the color. I went with something similar to the first one you posted but in navy! I think the designer was suri and the dress was called lotus.

  3. I like the cute but boring one lol!