Friday, June 10, 2011

Quick MyBad

I just noticed that I've been spelling the Priscilla of Boston fabric wrong. There's no blog police that are going to arrest me, but I feel bad... and dumb.

It's Satin Yoryu pronounced your-YOU!

And while I'm at it, I wanted to make a note because I've been thinking more about it and talking to my pregnant quasi-MOH. She's planning on buying a dress regardless of whether or not she'll be there. As I have mentioned, she is due a week before the wedding, so she might have a newborn, be ready to pop, or be actively in labor the day of our wedding and for awhile, it was very up in the air what the deal was.

Well, I offered the suggestion that she should just wait until, say, a week before the wedding, so she'd know exactly where she stood, and then go to a department store like JCPenney or Macy's and buy a dress there in the same color family as the bridesmaid dresses. That way it's probably cheaper, and she doesn't have to order something months ahead of time that can't be returned. She did not like that idea at all. She said she was willing to purchase the bridesmaid dress to be a part of the day if she could.

Anyway, it made me think more seriously about the Priscilla of Boston dresses because the fabric is so free flowing and if she is still pregnant, she could rock an empire waist style:

That will flow right over her belly and continue to fall gracefully down.

This is as opposed to ill-fitting, unforgiving fabric:

Or a dress that just goes over the belly and then the fabric just hangs there:

I hate that. Neither are flattering or comfortable.

I'm just gonna' say this now Mia and get it over with: You had better not decide to come, then go into labor in the middle of the ceremony.

There... just needed to get that out :)

Lastly, and in an unrelated note, I bought large bottles of booze last weekend and cut up countless vanilla beans to make our homemade vanilla extract!!

We couldn't decide between the Bacardi Gold and the E&J Brandy, so I figured why decide, and I just got one half gallon of each. So here's all the bottles all lined up, all packed with vanilla beans:
(putting in that many beans means you have to take out some booze, that's why I put the extra booze plus extra beans in other bottles we had lying around)

Somehow, and I think it's because I used more beans than I did for the sampling, they all got really dark after only a few days. I'm not complaining though. The point is, it's working out beautifully, now I just have to order tiny bottles:

Actually, I'm really glad I found this image, because I originally had just planned on getting regular screw-top bottles, but then Kyle mentioned how cool it would be to do cork-top bottles... I absolutely love the idea, but I just don't know how easy it's going to be to find them.

Nevermind... I just found them on Etsy...

Well, there's that problem solved!

I found regular screw-top ones for $0.60 each, and these corked ones actually work out to be $0.50 each...
.............. Whoo hoo!!

I love it when these things just work themselves out. What did other people do for favors? And was it easy? Hard? Surprising? Fun? Etsy-tastic??

Oh yeah... BUBBLES!!!!!

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  1. Your making your own vanilla extract?! Can I say AWESOME!!!