Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Being a big girl

So I manned up and made some phone calls today and got some stuff done.

So, after a month... a full month, I heard back from my no-longer makeup artist who resumed communication as if nothing was wrong, and asked if we were still on for a trial this Sunday... I had to write her apologizing for not getting to work with her, but after a month of no contact whatsoever, I had to make arrangements elsewhere. That being said, it was a stressful e-mail to write, because I haven't actually fully made arrangements elsewhere! I'm just in talks with another salon. However, so far, everything seems to be going well:
Fancy, no?? They look and sound fantastic, and the manager is very nice. Buuut, I'm a little bummed because we're probably going to have to do all the prep at the salon, and that means no awesome getting ready pictures:

etc......... I'm also bummed because Rikki Smith has all 5 star reviews on theknot.com... I don't know how, I mean she's probably really good at her actual craft, but I can't handle this whole letting-a-month-go-by-without-emailing-me thing.

Anyway, I feel like while we'll be missing out on a little, I made the decision to do my own makeup! I'm still getting resistance from the man, but I don't see how it's any of his business, so I'm disregarding it. I recently purchased my very first set of my very own Bare Minerals!

I still feel a little retarded doing it, and I think I'm a little heavy handed, but I had a baby shower and a christening to wear it to this past weekend and by the end of the day, it didn't feel cakey. It also didn't get stuck in my smile lines and the eyelid primer kept my eyeshadow from getting caked in my eye creases. These were my main past problems so I figured that was good enough for me.

So now I get to look forward to pictures like this instead:

And the more I thought about it, the more excited I got about it, so I am decided. I'll do a few trials and actually show you pictures and learn how to do a smoky eye and voila! I'm a DIY makeup bride!! In the meantime, I am still getting hair and makeup appointments for my ladies and my mom, which feels weird, but I don't know how else to do it. I want to treat them, but it would be more of a treat for me to be able to do my own hair and makeup. Anyone else in this situation? Did it feel weird watching your girls getting their hair and makeup done while you just sat and watched?

I also called hotels today to see how our blocks of rooms were faring. At least one of the hotels is booked solid on our wedding night EXCEPT for our block of rooms, so only our guests will be able to get rooms at that hotel. I know ours is not the first wedding ever, but I can't help but worry that not everyone will get the whole 'use this code' thing to get a room in general and specifically to get our group rate. But I know I have to leave these things alone, our guests are smart! Anyway, I also booked our room for the night, because responsible brides-to-be reserve hotel rooms for their wedding night instead of expecting someone else to do it for them. We're staying at the Hampton Inn:

Standard. Nothing special. But our whole families will be in this hotel or the one right across the street... can you say AFTERPARTY?! I opted to be close to everyone (and save money) rather than staying at one of the boutique-y hotels in the Lancaster area:

Like Lancaster Arts Hotel or The Cork Factory Hotel. Maybe one day, but staying close to family, not worrying about transportation to the hotel at the end of the night, afterparty, price... all these factors and more convinced me we should stay right in our boring Hampton Inn hotel room. So for anyone waiting for the bride and groom to make their decision, WE'RE STAYING AT THE HAMPTON!

While writing this post the manager of Luxe called me and I put a deposit down for her. So Big Girl Ashley made a lot of stuff happen today. I still am not happy about this whole scenario and if I was on the other side of this, I would just tell the bride not to bother, because this wasn't worth it. Oh wait, I didn't actually show you what we settled on did I?

Here's sister Jordan's favorite look followed by Keri's:

They're both low buns, oddly enough. I thought it was cute that both of them independently came up with very very similar looks. These are their favorites. This is what they're getting! Mia did indeed chop all her hair off, and I can't find a picture of anyone who has a similar cut. She'll just get a simple style, because she can't physically get an updo. Not sure what my mom wants, but now that the deposit is in, we have time for her to figure it out. Makeup hasn't changed:

When all is said and done, I would like there to be a little more of a smoky eye. I like the illumination here, or the shimmery, or whatever you wanna call it, but it's not smoky enough in the outer corners.

Anyway, I'm done thinking about it.


Gifts for everyone. This has been not fun only because I don't know what to get people. But I'm slowly figuring it out. I'm gonna' talk about it tomorrow though. Ladies and mom... stay away from the blog tomorrow! You are not allowed to peek. I know you will though. You're all colossal disappointments... just kidding, but seriously, go away tomorrow. Do not ruin your surprises!

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