Friday, October 14, 2011

Nervous anticipation and you

I mentioned the other day that I was none too happy about having to create a support system for my fabric backdrop but aside from that and the linen boredom and the unfortunate business with the makeup/hair ridiculousness, I'm anxiously excited for all the cool stuff that will be incorporated into our day!

There's arts and crafts time:
There's also homemade vanilla extract favors, personalized hangers, reception decoration (no pictures of that because I have no idea what I'm doing yet!), wine cork place card holders, knitting and any number of other projects I dreamt up at one point and will probably not get around to, but I'm not discouraged because if they're meant to be, it will only be more fun to make more cool things, and if they don't make it, we will still have a very special day.

I also have things to do with some of the stuff I bought at the Lancaster flower and craft warehouse, like getting wheat stalks, twigs, moss, etc... to put in the buckets, bowls, baskets... etc... I'm going to try to take stock of what I have this weekend chilling in the pink room so I have a good idea of what I need... How do you know what you need if you don't know what you got?

(I'm sorry, did I mention we have a spare bedroom in our house that's pink that we store wedding stuff in...? 'the pink room')

I just came upon these pictures that were hiding in one of my wedding folders:
and I love them all over again!! I had forgotten about them, but the chair arrangement is a rustic alternative to buying some sort of container for all the aisles as well as an alternative to hanging big gaudy ribbons or lots of flowers. I love the twigs and I was thinking to add wheat instead of the yellow flowers and one calla instead of the succulent. That will go perfectly with the lantern and wheat, which I'm gonna' figure out where to use... somewhere.
I'm going to also use the old crates I bought as alter decoration along with a few more lanterns and more burlap and candles, etc... It'll be awesome, I'm starting to see it in my head, and I'm getting so excited about seeing it come together.

There's also the tasks I've asked my relatives to help me with, like bird cake toppers, a guest bench, and a homemade garter:

I found really great fabric for the birds; music score on aged parchment cotton. Aunty K is currently pluggin' away at these!

My dad is working on this. I love the look of the white but that's not what we want, so we're going with a nice, rich natural wood color, just a little darker than a normal cherry stain.

Not like this necessarily, this is just one from etsy that caught my et-tention :)

This shop is pretty nice though... I really have no ideas though, not sure if I want something smooth like a single piece of satin ribbon or complex like lace. But I do know I don't want any tulle or white or generic.

Rehearsal dinner is coming up and I'm making deserts!!
Don't try to dissuade me! I've wanted to make these mason jar pies for a long time and I just saw the recipe yesterday for apple pie cookies so I think they would be a fantabulous addition to Thanksgiving/rehearsal party dinner. It would also make me feel like I was helping, and it would be one less thing we had to buy.

I'm going to try some eye looks this weekend. Now, disclaimer time: I know the first look is too over-the-top, this is just my inspiration... my starting point, and I'll be much more modest than that... maybe:

Obviously the first one is a bit overly dramatic but the tutorial was really well-done, the second is much more modest and wedding-appropriate but the colors are boring and the last one is my favorite, so I'm going to try and take the tutorial from the first one, use the restraint of the second one, but use the colors of the third one. Got it?? Good! I hope I get to this this weekend, if I do, pictures will shortly follow as long as I don't blind myself taking crazy zoomed in pictures of my eyes ;)

Also, found this cake... it was pink, I made it chocolate... is it bad that I'm now considering changing the cake design? Because I would love to have more ombre...

I know what you may be thinking... 'Can this girl AGAIN not just stick with one thing?!' I don't think I care this time. I e-mailed our baker and she had no problem with changing the design because she told us from the start that we can change anything we want up until 3 weeks before the wedding... I don't feel the slightest bit bad. I like this better than what we originally had. Simple as that. When she wrote me back, she included this picture... as if to say 'Pshaw, nothing simpler, look what I can do:'

And I was all like 'whoa! smack my ass and hand me to my mama if that ain't even better!' I didn't say that at all, but I do like Renee's better than the one I found, which, if you're following me, is awesome. Not only can she do ruffles, but they'll look even better than I had hoped.

Still have to get the final OK from the man, but I think this cake is more interesting and romantic and don't tell the man but it will correspond nicely with my dress, and since I never got my ombre underskirts, it's like living vicariously through my cake... which sounds amazing by the way.

So, with all that being said, this is where my to do list stands, I've taken out some things that were done months ago, so I guess that makes the list not as impressive, but you already know those things are done, it feels like cheating to keep them in there just to increase my %done quotient.
  • Yarn orbs - up to 9 of 20 now
  • Fabric backdrop supports (alter, entrance?)
  • Shrug - only 3/4 done still but that's because I added more yarn!
  • Trip to my aunt's farm for cool old rustic stuff
  • Small burlap bunting
  • Burlap table squares - even though I might not be able to use them :(
  • Hangers
  • Music list, solidify DJ - mine's done but still need Kyle's
  • Hotel rooms night before and night of wedding - just got this settled!
  • Rings - I just called and they're IN!! We can pick them up this weekend!!
  • Suits - To my knowledge, all the groomsmen+my dad+my Grampa have their suits!
  • Cork place card holders
  • Makeup practice
  • Vows - I re-wrote, and I think they're much better this time!
  • Gifts - parents, attendants
  • Dress alterations - Picking the dress up on Friday!!!
  • Brideslovelies accessories - just picked shoes last night!!
  • Chalkboards
  • Bubbles/Bells/Sparklers ???
  • Must figure out my part of the centerpieces and aisle decor (by this I mean the florist is providing wood slabs, moss, candles, flowers... obvs, but I have to figure out what I want to do with the wine bottles, as well as all the things I bought from the Lancaster flower and craft warehouse and make table name signs)

Loooooooootta stuff to do, but, as I said, I'm starting to see it come together, I'm excited about all the work that's gone into it, even if I'm nervous about it all physically coming together and working. In the end, I have to remember that it's OK if They don't want to put my wedding on the cover of Weddings That Are Awesome magazine. Once I came to grips with that, I started having fun again, so I am soooooo glad it's Friday!

How's everyone else's to do list? Feeling stressed or excited??

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  1. Looks like everything's coming together! I also love the ombre look!