Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Everybody stress!

Sorry I've been absent! I had such a busy weekend and then a very busy couple of work days plus Kyle was out of town, etc... so I've finally just gotten the chance to... breathe.

I was also hoping to wait to post about the bridal shower until I had pictures of it, but no such luck, all my friends and family are kinda' bad a posting pictures, either they don't post to Facebook or, as my mom claims, they don't know how to get those darn pictures off that picture-takin' machine onto that gall dern newfangled computer monster... what's that little stick you just pulled out of the picture taker's innards?? And where the heck does that go?!

Suffice it to say IT WAS AWESOME!! and I want to take yet another opportunity to thank my mom and my brideslovelies for organizing:

Keri flew in from Boston and was hugely helpful in organizing my gifts so that I could carry them in some sort of organized fashion to my car... this might seem like nothing but it was a HUGE help because I then had to carry them by myself from my car into my house and from the basement all the way upstairs... you get the picture??? She also helped with games and she sent out the invitations! I completely forgot to grab an extra to post, but I will... they were really really pretty.

Sister Jordan thinks she did nothing but she drove all the way from Blacksburg, VA (~6 hours) to be there for the weekend, and she made my gift list for me so I can fill out thank you notes (that's so major!) AND we also went up to the David's Bridal to get her dress altered and then she helped me pick out an outfit for the shower! Soooo, yeah, that's the opposite of nothing. Thanks sister.

Mia found the restaurant, set the menu, got the guest list together, picked up Keri from the airport, paid for half the food, ordered a cake, and I'm sure did any number of other things that are slipping my mind.

Of course, all three girls also got me lovely gifts, which they did not have to do considering all the work they put in.

My Mama got the flowers, put together favors (I think my sister might have helped with favors as well), paid for the other half of the food, and was all around generally awesome the whole day. Again, I'm sure I'm missing other things that she did; she also claims that she did nothing, but I actually loved the flowers (wish I had a picture to show ya'!) and the favors (spiced cider mix) were really sweet.

Of course, it was also awesome to see who came to see me, including several of Kyle's relatives and even family friends and my college and grad school roommates and friends I know through Mia who did not have to come and did not have to buy me things! and Kyle's Poppop who helped me take everything to the car AND if he had not come Kyle's Grandma and great aunts would not have been able to come because he drove them (Loooooooove Poppop!). So THANKS EVERYONE!!!!!

But the shower was not all we did this weekend, we also met with my coordinator about linens and timelines and vendors. It was stressful... I did not enjoy it. My DOC told me I could not hang my fabric backdrop:
 the way I want to, from the 45 degree support beams:
So now I have to create some kind of support system for it... I'm trying to get things OFF the to do list, not add to it! In an effort to try to make me feel better, my coordinator suggested something like these:

Branches supported in pots and then with the fabric backdrop strung between them. Like in this photo, we could then use the potted branches as decor in the reception. This I don't hate, I just still don't like the idea of having to take on another project... especially one that involves that many branches. My parents have a little wooded area beside their house, but I just don't know how comfortable I feel about using branches from the woods... potentially complete with little critters... BUT I also don't want to spend godknowshowmuch on store bought branches.... HOWEVER, once that dilemma is figured out, I think it will be no problem to take long dowel rods and support them in pots with cement or something and use them as the actual support for the backdrop to be tied to, and then I don't have to worry about the branches being too flimsy.

Anyway, sorry for the long-winded explanation, but this was a curveball I really was not prepared for. Man am I glad I brought it up now though; I think I would have been pretty devastated if I only found out the day of the wedding that I was not going to be able to use that fabric backdrop... which is still one of my favorite projects.

Otherwise, as soon as she sends me my copy, I will share our linens with you... aren't you excited?!?! Yeah, I wasn't either. I never thought this would be fun, but it was a lot more stressful that I thought it was going to be... where are the tables going? Where do you want the DJ table? the cake table? the gift table? Do you want different colored linens on the head table and then other different colored lines on the guest tables? She also told me I couldn't use my burlap table squares because burlap fibers will get in the food... she has me there though... but I still might circumvent her here only because the table squares I made will only be in the middle of the tables; they won't be close to the plates... but our DOC is pretty hard to sway so... we'll see. Also, ya'll... linens are expensive!

Moving on, my Priscilla of Boston dress FINALLY came in and I went to pick it up... and promptly thanked my lucky stars that I decided on the David's Bridal dress:

But first, this is for you, Baby:
So if you read past this sign you know that there's only one way out...

In a body bag...

From fiancee injuries...


Ignore the fact that the dress makes me look 8 feet tall, because #1, I think that's just my camera, and #2, I am not 8 feet tall. This dress was not nearly as flattering as I had hoped/remembered; refer to my complete lack of hips, the fabric all along the bodice is kinda' bunchy and not smooth and, like I mentioned before, easily wrinkled. I still love the detail in the skirt but the detail over my boob now seemed like way too much. Also it was HUGE! You see the clips in the back? I was swimming in this dress and it didn't feel as comfortable as I remembered. It was also restricting at the bottom...

I could go on, I'm just amazed at myself. I'm a little flabbergasted that I let myself buy this dress. Needless to say, I already posted it on Oncewed's sell-a-dress page as well as Weddingbee's classifieds. Ugh, not my best moment, buuuuut neither was buying the first Vera Wang, and that worked out fine... soooo, we'll see! Wish me luck! I really want to unload this dress!!

Lastly, with my fun to do list and not fun to do list looming over my head, it's come to my attention that I should stop being so selfish and realize that I'm not the only one with a to do list!
The stress of wedding planning is driving this one to drink... no, I'm just kidding, he'd be drinking even if he wasn't stressed. He doesn't always look this cool, calm, and collected:

OK, maybe he does (that guy in the background cracks me up!). Anyway, he has stuff to do too! And he's starting to feel a little pressure. I told him he should write a to do list, but he only writes to do lists for work. He didn't actually say that, and maybe he is going to write a to do list, but in the meantime...

I do so love making lists!

Without further ado, I bring you The Man's to do list!!

  • Get suit altered (which at the very least consists of getting the pants hemmed... can't avoid that)
  • Get shoes, shirt, tie, socks... do guys pick their undies just like girls do for the big day? I'll lay out his finest silk unmentionables X)
  • Groomsmen gifts!
  • Pick up the rings
  • Call divorce lawyer and get divorce decree
  • Write vows
  • Pick music... or else the entire evening will consist of Ashley's music... 90's dance music and all!!
  • Write lots of large checks
  • Make more money

So, for both of us, the next six weeks might not be the most fun... funnest? no, most fun. But I'm trying very hard to keep a positive attitude in order to keep him positive. So far, the most stressful thing he does is swears that every choice we've made and every vendor we've picked is fine and then when I tell him how much something costs he has a little seizure... It's like The Exorcist... He knows that drives me crazy. Anyway, we're trying our hardest to be patient with each other. He's stressed, I'm stressed, but I believe we both know that it's going to be awesome no matter what, and so really this unnecessary stress is just stripping years from our lives.

Also, holy crap, did you guys catch the whole "six weeks" thing??? Shoo... how did everyone else feel at this stage?

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