Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Life in the fast lane

Will you all forgive me for being so absent? I don't remember when I posted last but it was last week. This is Wednesday. I don't usually like to go so long without posting... I miss you.

Anyway, I've been a little distracted... by this:
And by my to do list, which I keep adding on to like some insane idiot. But we've been getting so much done. Remember the door I mentioned last week?
Meet door! Isn't she pretty?! Kyle cut this sucker in half while I was out grocery shopping and then started sanding it down without me even asking for his help:
Like some big sweet helper man. Anyway, it was a LOT of work sanding through all those layers of old paint but we're getting there. The funny part is that the door is solid oak and is actually gorgeous under all that craptastic paint. It almost sucks because once we started sanding them I noticed that the door started looking newer and nicer... that wasn't the point. We're going to stain it and then let it sun bleach some. I want the grain to come out but I don't want it looking too polished. Meanwhile, the edges and corners of the door are still in rough shape, so at least there's that ;) I think it's hysterical how excited I got every time we chipped the wood or something, I would keep saying "Oh, good, that adds to the character!" and Kyle kept shaking his head and telling me to be more careful.

Oh, I almost forgot, when we started sanding, we found this buried under the paint layers too:
Skeleton key hole... what is wrong with people? I scraped the rest of the paint off and we're going to attach it back to the door once we're finished.

So... onto everything else! We also picked up materials at Home Depot for our alter backdrop support system. We found the shirt (thank you Van Heusen! You rock!!) but not the ties yet for the groom and groomsmen. There's too many options online and their prices make me nervous... if a silk tie costs $35 at a department store, why does it only cost $10 online from some "tie warehouse"? Not sure why but girls are easier in most respects. Like shoes, we have our favorite brands of shoes and if I see them online, chances are I've tried them on in the store or tried on another type of the same brand. The price online is usually similar to the price in the store. Easy. Simple.

Anyway, I won't rant anymore, it's just ties, they'll get taken care of. We've settled on linens:
The brown rectangle on top represents the covered outdoor area where cocktail hour will be... the walls are all ivory or brown, so I made the floor brown, just for reference. The big off-white square in the middle is the ballroom, obviously, where the walls are all off-white... that last little rectangle is just the hallway where bar and gifts will be, also all off-white walls. Anyway, so we're going very simple rustic; a few ivory table cloths (just at the head table because all the wedding party will be in such dark colors) but elsewhere all chocolate brown table cloths. There will be burlap squares on every table and the little burgundy dots I artfully placed on each table just represent how the centerpieces will have burgundy in them with the calla lilies. Phew! Like I said, the linens appointment was not much fun, and neither was making up with diagram to visualize them... although it took much less time, I'm mad I didn't do this to begin with.

We're about the make the final plunge on cake and flowers!!

So, so excited knowing that she's capable of this to see what she'll make of ours... picture this cake but with ombre fondant; cream up top slowly blending down into dark chocolate at the bottom!!

Flavors will be white chocolate mousse + strawberry with yellow cake or chocolate mocha mousse + peanut butter with yellow cake (picture tastykakes kandy kakes!!)

Whoo hoo!!!



These are all examples from my awesome florist. She has plenty of examples of perfect round bouquets, but I was obviously drawn to her wild, random arrangements. It's like she has no concerns about constraint, and I say more power to her! I'm going to perfectly wed her contemporary design to her rustic design.

I think I mentioned before too, I have so much confidence in both the baker and the florist, that I just love/thank my lucky stars that I found them and now I don't have to worry about these aspects of the wedding, at all, because they're such awesome professionals!

So, as far as my to do's, I'm down to knitting (more than 5/6's done!!), hangers, yarn orbs, and bunting! Of course alter arch and chalkboard goes on there too... I've been separating those things that Kyle's helping with because they don't feel like my to do's but OUR to do's :)

Kyle is this close to having his divorce decree and then we can go get our marriage license! Yay!! And EVERYONE'S gifts have been ordered }:-) Muahahahaha!!! I can't wait for everyone to see their gifts, which are all super secrets!!

I found a few other awesome things (stupid Etsy is going to bankrupt me) that I then bought:
Four old vintage crates in all from The Beez Kneez Vintage, just about the coolest shop name on Etsy. Let's not neglect vintage Coca Cola and Dr. Pepper!

Have I mentioned I'm in love with stacked boxes? Because I am, and I'm not just a crazy spendy lady, I've been lured in by wedding blogs:

Lovely, no? Now who's got wooden crates?!?! Right here! And I know how to us 'em!

I'll now have 8... I've been thinking about everything that I'm accumulating and worrying that I'll go overboard, but I'm just too excited. We have a very large space to work with, inside and out, and what I had initially I felt was not going to cut it... almost like 'she had an idea, but then she ran out of material' scenario... Well not me, better too much than not enough. All extras can hang out in a car trunk somewhere.

Getting. so. excited!!!

Lastly, I found a sweet sweet eBay auction for this lot of vintage Ball mason jars:
(I found some on Etsy that I spoke of last week, but these are crazy crazy cheaper!) Looking back over this post, I'm so much more excited even now, all these details we're working on are really going to come together. I can see them clearly in my head. I could not be more excited! Kyle has made himself a music list so now our day even has a soundtrack... his is funky and old school and mine's a bit more poppy and a lot indie.

Although there are definitely things that need to get done, I feel like we are definitely on track, and there's still no twitch in my eyelid, so I'm still enjoying myself. Keri, my thoughts are with you, hang in there!

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  1. You've been so busy! I can't wait to see how your door project turns out - what a great find.