Thursday, October 6, 2011

It'll get more exciting... Promise

I realized late last night that I didn't source any of the items I showed yesterday... just disappointing. Anyway, for anyone who liked what they saw in general (but better not have been parents or bridesmaids) I linked everything from yesterday's post... in yesterday's post, like it's meant to be. That is not an invitation for parents and bridesmaids to go peeking! Stay away from that post FOREVER!!

In other news, RSVPs are steadily streaming in. We're up to 18 I think... that's almost half, which I'm super excited about. We only have two families so far that can't come. Kyle and I are getting a kick out of some of the responses too, when they're all in, I'll post some of the choicest ones. I'm actually really looking forward to the RSVP post, I'm comforted by numbers, they're easy and they don't lie and they put things into perspective in a way that you don't have to think about; it's right there in front of you.

In exciting news!! My dress is in at Priscilla of Boston, I'm going in on Monday to pick it up, then Friday is when I pick up my altered David's Bridal dress, so it will be an emotional week. I'm going to actually put it on, take good pictures and show them to you since this is officially not my dress anymore; I don't have to feel superstitious about showing me in it.

Also the rings will come in this week!! I am going to have sooo much to show!! Which will hopefully make up for the fact that I have nothing to show right now :)

Lastly, we are very quickly approaching the 30 day mark...
(Oh snap!)
And while that's very exciting, it means that everyone wants to get paid...
Be prepared to shut the f up... and get me paid!
Anyway, the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker will all come calling in about 20 days... aka the caterer, the cake artist and the florist. The honeymoon also has to be paid off and we have to sneak money to our DJ who insists that he won't take any (typical friendor). And most importantly, we have to buy booze :) I'm a little nervous about how much money is about to leave our hands. Kyle's not too happy about it either, because it's taking away from our house fund. But I'm steadily paying him back for things and he's an excellent saver. I don't think it's fair or logical to give yourself such a hard time about such an important day. I've stopped feeling bad about how many dresses I've bought and how much goes onto credit cards at this point. I've not buying million dollar jewels or feeding my guests endangered animals for their dinners so... compared to that, nothing we're doing is particularly extravagant X) I know, it's a joke.

Anyway, that's just my musings on the subject. I don't know if we ever really had a real set budget, I know we said we did, but I never actually sat down and wrote out '20% of the budget is photography, 50% of the budget is catering' etc... We picked our vendors because we love them, and so far it's fit us into a 20K range. Would 15K or even 10K have been more awesome? Absolutely! Now that I'm nearing the end, can I see places where we could have made the wedding 15K or 10K? Absolutely not! So why freak out over it? It's one thing to say this now though, but when we come out on the other side of this, I'll do a real budget analysis and really get to the heart of what was worth the money and what maybe wasn't. Until then, did anyone else freak over wedding expenses? or did you have to have what you had to have?

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  1. Our set budget is $8-10k and that's firm. I've found a beautiful country club that is only costing us $400 to rent plus food and alcohol starting at $20/person. I've found photographers I love that happened to need a new website so their $4500 or maybe it was $3500 package became $1000 because of my awesome FI. My mom isn't going crazy with the guest list so I don't care if we don't invite a cousin I haven't seen since I was 8. lol I think you can always get what you love for a price that you want if you dedicate the time. I can't wait to see your breakdown! I love budget recaps! Just as much as actual photo recaps!