Friday, May 13, 2011

Detail Oriented

So here we are, on this lovely Friday the 13th (nothing bad has happened to me today... in fact, I think my parents' first date was on a Friday the 13th, or the proposal date or something, always a good luck day to me :)) and we're about 6.5 months out and so I don't think it's too early to start thinking about details. I went shopping with my mama a few weeks ago and we found all sorts of cool stuff and so it made me start thinking about details...

Aisle decoration... Alter decoration... Reception entrance decoration... Cocktail hour decorations... Gift table decorations... So just for fun, here's some more stuff I took pictures of during our shopping trip:

So, I mentioned these on each table, next to the candle glasses and wine bottle on a wood slab... I haven't decided what to put in them, but the good thing is, it would only have to be minimal... but there are other possibilities:

Little milk pitchers!! Little watering cans!!! Oh, and see the bottom shelf of the bottom picture? Half buckets! Half buckets that will hang on doorknobs or aisle chairs and hold haphazardly arranged flowers. I also have to justify though where my love of watering cans comes from... although I probably don't have to; how many of us have driven by a farmhouse porch and seen this:

There are plenty more to be had, just do a google search. It's country, but it's adorable. And the thought is that if we do a large watering can with flowers at the reception entrance or at the gift table, then it would tie in to small watering cans on each table.

But is it watering can overload??

Especially when you consider that I want these at the alter:

So yeah, I don't want to go overboard on the tin Amish novelties. Although they are wonderful.

From my own mental wanderings, I think I've concluded that there doesn't need to be "tie-ins" per se: If I love the watering can, how about one or two watering cans, serving only one purpose, like sitting on the gift table, and then just two milk jugs, on either side of the alter, and then the milk glasses on each table? For the cocktail hour, how about a LITTLE of everything... huge emphasis on the little? This way I can bring in those adorable milk pitchers, have a few more milk glasses, utilize extra wine bottles, add more light with more candles, even throw in a lantern or two??? maybe????

I like the idea of the cocktail hour being a little more schizo. I can do whatever I want basically, and by whatever I want, I don't actually mean go crazy, I just mean incorporating things I don't know how to incorporate anywhere else! Basically, what I'm saying is that I'm going to buy all the stuff I like and if it doesn't fit anywhere else, oh, it'll fit in the cocktail hour :)

This is just a small taste of the detail stuff that's rattling around in my brain. We still need to talk about jewelry, hair accessories, hair and make-up, alterations, stamps, envelope addressing... ummmm, there's more, I know it (this is the part I love, a normal person would be frantic right now... I'm searching... begging... craving for more stuff to think about!!)

I ordered our custom seal! Here it is:

It's the same font as in our invitations!! I cannot WAIT for it to get here!! I can't wait to start sealing stuff!!!

Is anyone else freaked out about the whole 'J isn't my last initial yet' thing? Because I heard it was not good to get a monogram or refer to yourself in any way as Mrs. So-and-so before you actually are... someone tell me I did not make a boo boo...

And was anyone else really really excited about contemplating all the little details for their big day? Or was this the scary part?

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