Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm just excited about the parties!

I am!

I've been thinking about all the little details... well, not so little, like rehearsal dinner, bachelorette party, and bridal shower. I'm going to have to wear something to them aren't I?

Well, I'm sure a lot of you have heard of ModCloth. ModCloth is actually a vestige of my pre-engaged days. I've been in love with ModCloth for a long long time. And so where to get dresses for fancy dress parties seemed a non-issue.

They're well-priced, and cute, and unique. Maybe not the most durable or well-respected dresses out there. They're no Calvin Klein or Ralph Lauren or Armani or Gucci, Prada, whatever, I don't shop at Armani, Gucci, or Prada... ever. Anyway, on to contemplated dresses!!

I think this is the sleekest of the ones I like, and sexiest? Maybe bachelorette party dress.

I think this one is also really sweet though, not sure though if this is sweet, like shower sweet? or fun/spunky, as in bachelorette fun/spunky. The blue one is definitely more sultry compared to this one, and do I want to be sultry?? Or would I rather dance all night like a silly person?

This is the last one I'm debating as far as bachelorette party dress. It's also fun and flirty and spunky. I love the color too, but I also love the salmon/coral-colored one...

This one is a real dilemma! I think though, that I only have to really eliminate one, because I can then use one of the remaining for the bachelorette party and the other for the bridal shower luncheon.

(I haven't talk about it yet, btdubs, the bridal shower that is, but I will. I can tell you one thing though: it is NOT going to be a surprise. I have already made it abundantly clear I don't want a surprise, and it's not because I don't like surprises, because I freaking love them, I DO NOT want the shower to be one of my life's surprises, end of discussion.)

These two more, as dresses, I love... LOVE, but I have no idea where they would fit, maybe I just treat myself?

I love the structure of the first one and the soft pattern and I love the soft folds and the color on the second one.

They're a little too neutral for my personality, but I just love them... maybe I need something neutral for something?? Are there any parties I'm forgetting about? Someone please tell me I have more parties to buy dresses for!

Post reception party?!?!

I also found this one for my Mama!

At least according to her, she loves the charcoal. Did I tell you yet? She got her dress for the wedding! I haven't seen it yet, and I can't find it online, but she's very happy with it, so I'm sure it's great, and it's "gunmetal" colored :)

I just wanted to say my mom is wearing gunmetal to my wedding :D

Well, whatever it looks like, if she were in the mood for keeping a theme going, this one is cool, asymmetrical, but still appropriate!

Finally, my favorite, I think I'm reserving this one specially for the rehearsal dinner:

Isn't it fantastic?!?! I mean, what a screaming color! And it's like it's grecian but also a more modernized version. And so interesting. And fun!

Well, these are just some of my fun diversions on a Friday afternoon. But now I have to go kick off the holiday weekend!

Everyone have a happy and safe Memorial Day!!

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  1. Seriously love all the dresses. I need to go browsing on ModCloth more ;) My favorite is the second one down, I think.. the color is gorgeous!