Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Update with pictures that finally e-mailed themselves

As promised, here are pictures of the dresses I tried on at DB:

Please excuse my bosoms which I am told appear rather large in the red dress. Well, regardless, it was very comfy and I really like the neckline. It looks kinda' like it bubbles at the bottom but it doesn't, I think I was moving around right before the picture was snapped, and the awkward hand positioning in the black dress is because I was just pulling my hands out of the pockets. The pockets gave the dress a weird shape that was wholly unflattering on me, but on someone with hips or a waist, it might work just fine. Besides, the version that comes in the correct color does not have pockets but still has the v-neck. Does that make sense?

I tried on a few more but did not like them, so I am only showing the cotton ones.

Bridesmaid Keri already said she likes the red design, and I just got word that sister bridesmaid Jordan also likes the red design one. Funny right! If you want to choose the same one, I'm totally OK with that, I would recommend trying on all four (if DB has all four at whatever store is near) and deciding which one you like best on you!

I wanted to also post one picture of the antique milk bottles we found at the Amish craft warehouse because the random google image search pictures don't do them justice:
I love that cracked look! I think they will make really sweet additions to the tables and possibly to a gift table or cake table.

Well, back to work, I just wanted to post those dress pictures.

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