Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hodge Podge

Soooo so sorry it's been so long, but you would not believe how crazy busy I have been! And how panicky I am getting right now:
Yeah, I'm trying not to, but the thing is, it has nothing to do with wedding stuff. It's work!
I am taking part in two collaborations right now and of course I have to finish my own project and taking most of the week two weeks ago for Mia's wedding and then two days off last week to spend time with my mom in Amish country has made me feel just for the time being that I'm behind. We are fast approaching the six month mark...

This may mean nothing to most of you, you might be saying, 'umm, six months is a good chunk of time' so let me explain quickly: in grad school, or at least, in mine, you ask for permission to write your thesis from your lovely thesis committee:
(Just kidding!) and then you have six months to write and defend your thesis. You can only ask for permission if you are going to be ready to defend your thesis in six months. Now, for some people, six months is a mountain of time, but I am not a fast writer, so it will probably take me a couple months to write a 50-100 page thesis (I know, that sounds crazy, but most of it is your own already-published papers). I don't know if it will take me six months, but I would rather finish writing in plenty of time rather than end up not leaving myself enough time.

I promised myself and told everyone else that I would have my PhD before the wedding. I need to ask permission in three weeks... they want me to write a paper first. In order to write a paper, I have a few more experiments to do... it will take me a few weeks to do said experiments... it will take me a few more weeks to write a paper...

I need to start thinking about accepting the possibility of not having my PhD by the wedding... The thing that sucks too is that when I say this to people they're like 'Oh, but you'll get it done, right?' And I have to say 'Umm, maybe not.'

It's like a knife in my side, and it makes me just want to quit.
Yeah, I'm this close to slamming that button. Anyway, so this is why I haven't been writing, I've been a little overwhelmed, as a result, nothing has gotten done. I've found that when I place deadlines upon myself, they never get met, almost like I try and act as my own cheerleader and the other side of me-- you know, the mean skater chick that hides out behind the school smoking cigarettes with her dark eyeliner and her ratty jeans-- pushes the cheerleader down and steps on her face. I know, graphic, but the point is I'm constantly degrading my cheerier side, telling it there's no way these deadlines are going to get met, so just shut up and stop bouncing around; what's there to be happy about??

I know, I know, depressing. I can still get the experiments done and start working on the paper and be close to the six month mark, close is good enough; most of the other students I've spoken with said it took them about two months to write their thesis, even if I say it'll take me double the time, I've got time to finish my experiments, my collaborations, my paper writing, and my thesis in the next six months... hopefully. In the mean time, I am coming to grips with the fact that if I do not have my PhD by the wedding, it isn't the end of the world.
(That's a happy-go-lucky thumbs up, but also ties into the whole "Don't Panic" Hitchiker's Guide the Galaxy theme... get it?)

Anyway, one place I'm not panicking... the wedding!! I'm surprisingly nonchalant about it thus far. Save the Dates are done and [mostly] addressed (!!) but I am waiting on addresses from Kyle's dad... I've actually been waiting a good long while and he seems to have just forgotten, but I'm not too stressed. I wanted to get them out about a month ago, but I don't think it's the end of the world nonetheless. I am only waiting on a few more addresses, and I think I might just go over Kyle's dad's head and ask Kyle's grandma, that oughta' teach 'im!

Anywho! We did other exciting stuff too!! Kyle and I went shopping for suits, and found... nothing, all the spring and summer colors are out right now, so there were no chocolate browns... I'm not joking, we found one from Jos. A Bank and it wasn't even the actual shade of chocolate brown I was looking for (but would have been ok if it was literally my only option... that's why I mention it). It was disappointing but we did get to talk about what we really want and see what prices are going to be like, etc... so it wasn't so bad. Kyle didn't try any on because he felt that he couldn't get the right effect if the color wasn't right. So he literally refused to try any on... It was cute:

Yup, he looked just like that. Anyway, pictures from Mia's wedding are posted:

Fairly certain I do not have permission to post that, but I'm going to buy it anyway, so as they say in the wedding world: it's a lot easier to apologize than to ask for permission. Anyway, the link to the website with all the pictures is totally open, not password protected or anything.

I kind of came to a resolution too about hair because while I recognize that my hair looked nice, I don't like it, and it does look kinda' boring... But I'm still not making any promises about how it'll be for the wedding. We'll still have to do some trials and whatnot.

We're so sweet.

Anyway, then I visited my mama and we went looking at bridesmaid dresses. Surprisingly, my favorites were from David's Bridal. Can you believe it?? This was because DB has a couple dresses in a fabric I didn't know existed in Bridesmaidsland...



Now, I know what you may be thinking, because looking through their website, I was all like "It all looks shiny and gross to me!" They didn't in person!! They were like, nice cotton dresses in person, a little sheen to them, but otherwise, just normal cotton dresses, no frills, no bells or whistles; truly a bridesmaid dress that can't be hideous even if it wanted to.

I tried on the v-neck and the twisted v-neck one (pictures are on my phone, but for some reason I tried e-mailing them to myself and it's not going through) and liked the feel and breathability and comfort of both. I really liked the twisted v-neck... I mean, this might sound like I'm reaching, but if it had a nice print/pattern, I honestly would wear that to a wedding or cocktail party... like as a guest... as in no one would have to force me to wear it. The v-neck I did not like as much, but still loved how it was comfortable and normal, no chiffon, no satin.

Now, I know what else you might be thinking: 'I thought she wanted a similar fabric to her wedding gown!' Well, on my gown, the material is probably a little higher quality than on the bridesmaid dresses, as such, a similar fabric on a bridesmaid dress is not the look I am going for anymore. I like this cotton a lot. I really like the more laid back comfortable feel it will put across, and hopefully my bridesmaids will appreciate that too. That being said, did you notice that there are four?! There are also a few long versions... I think, I'll have to check, but for the time being, if you girls want long, go for it, but otherwise, I give you leave to pick a favorite, let me know what you think! That goes for everyone!!

My mom and I then went Amish country shopping. Eeeee!! I love love love Amish country. It was cold on this particular day and I didn't have a jacket, but I still enjoyed myself immensely. We went to a huge silk flower and craft warehouse that had all sorts of cute Amish stuff. And it didn't have the feel of mass production, even though some of the stuff was technically mass produced.

There were antiqued Amish milk jugs:

My mom and I threw around the idea of using them to hold flowers at the alter.

We brainstormed that you could put flowers in a watering can and set that at the gift table/guest bench area.

And antique milk glasses for every table. It will give a nice contrast to the candles glasses and wine bottle; all that glass.

Lastly, we found some great baskets for cards and for holding programs. I didn't take pictures of them, but they kind of look like this:
Except with chicken wire! They were adorable. We bought them :)

Last but not least ya'll, we went cake tasting!!

We went to Bella Manse to see Renee. She was very sweet and totally accommodating.

Her cake was moist and flavorful but not too crumbly or anything like that. Her buttercream was AWE SOME! and she let us try her chocolate fondant which tasted like tootsie rolls! She's big into fruit fillings which Kyle liked because he said it was more sophisticated or something which I had to laugh at because I wanted peanut butter and chocolate ALL THE WAY!! Needless to say, we haven't decided on flavors ;)

We did decide, however, that we do not need to go any further. So as soon as we figure out our flavors and send her the paperwork, we'll have a cake artist!!!!!

The style we collectively decided on was one I had already shown you:

No pleats, no flowers (well, not like that at least, we haven't decided exactly how we want to dress it up), no alternating light and dark chocolate, but with the short then tall tiers theme. I didn't even bring up asymmetric because I sort of figured that asymmetric is best if all the tiers are the same height, and I really really wanted the different height tiers. We decided on a lighter chocolate for the layers but then to have a dark chocolate band across the bottom just like the top and third tier of this cake here.

So that's basically it! It was a painless procedure. The only part that gave me any distress was when I turned to Kyle and said "I was planning on leaving the round versus square decision up to you." To which he replied "I'm kinda' partial to square." But after seeing this picture and then talking with Renee, he said something to the effect of "I think that design will only work with round." Now, I know that as a man, and a manly man at that, he doesn't really care, but I do feel bad that he admitted to being partial to square and then very easily let us talk him out of it (or talk himself out of it, whichever; doesn't make it better). But... I'm kinda' grasping at straws here, it was 99.998% painless. Good enough for me!

So, whew, that was a lot of stuff. And truly, a lot of stuff has happened, but my posting might be like this for awhile here, nothing nothing nothing and then BAM!!! huge blog vomit. Please bare with me, I have to work work work, and when I get time, I still love keeping my blog updated.

How is everyone else doing???

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