Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Just because I'm actually on top of things at work

For once, in a very long time, I've done a good deal of work today and actually have real downtime... not made-up like most of my downtime is. Technically it's still made-up because at this stage, with light at the end of the tunnel, I should be working my butt off tying up loose ends.

So with that in mind, I'll only throw out a few things unload all the things that have been floating around in my brain. I've been thinking about details and what they'll look like. The whole affair is going to be pretty understated, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring. So I've mentioned a lot of things in the past that might end up on the gift table or escort card table, and I found a great example of the type of thing I've been thinking:
Now I can't find where it's from :( No one sue me please. But anyway, it's simple and definitely rustic and it's got the white jug and burlap and I think it's great. And simple! I also found a fantabulous example of the milk jug (and more watering can!!) usage:
Not into the colors but love the effect. I'm set with what I want as centerpieces... remember?

(but don't forget wine bottles)

But the point is I was very happy to see milk jugs somewhere. Still contemplating doing one on each side of the alter... on either side of the fabric backdrop... remember??
Bunting is also huge right now, and if I felt like it, I could always add some here and there; not exactly like it would be horribly difficult:
Makes me want to see everything all put together, ya' know? Not sure what needs to be added to this space. Not much, it's gorgeous and clean-looking and we want to keep it classic and uncluttered, but I want to add tasteful rustic touches... sooo, it'd be nice to see it all together and know if things like bunting would be too much. I'm gonna' go with probably too much, look how classic that fabric backdrop looks and it's got absolutely nothing else around it!

And lastly, Kyle and I have been toying with the decision of what to hand out at the ceremony as send-off fodder. See, our venue doesn't allow us to throw things unless we want to pay extra for the clean-up. Not that I mind paying extra, but they were sort of like, 'Just don't throw stuff.' And I was like, 'Whoa, sorry.' No big deal, I'm reminded of my cousin's wedding at which we all received these little sachets of tiny candy hearts... and I ate them all before the ceremony was over XD

So what are the options? The increasingly-popular bubbles or little bells or sparklers.

Sparklers are gorgeous, but there's the fire hazard of course, not something I feel like worrying about, and I might get in trouble for the ash or something. And I'd like something the kids can participate in as well. Also it'll be day time when the ceremony concludes, so, the effect is kinda' lost.

I need to explain something real quick too: We're not having an end-of-the-night send off... we'll be partying long after everyone else is gone, AND once we are done, we're going back in the same shuttle and to the same hotel as everyone else! So, no cute classic car for us, there's no need, so there's no need for an end-of-the-night send-off.

Moving on! My mom and I think Kyle as well are on board for little bells:

My mom thinks they're very sweet and they are. Our friends Mia and Dan just used them at their wedding as kissing bells (they didn't have a send-off either, not at the end of the ceremony nor at the end of the night, just bells during the reception)...

But there's gotta' be a but right??

BUUUUTTTTTT... I looooOOOoove the sound of knives on glasses as the bride-and-groom-kiss-signal. And I don't like the idea of bells as much as either of them do. However, I'm afraid Kyle might be even more sold on bells after Mia and Dan's wedding. ESPECIALLY because as of yet, he's really been against bubbles... not manly enough I guess. And of course, bubbles would of course have to be my favorite:

Are you kidding me?!?! For awhile, they had me convinced that bubbles were too cutesy, then I saw these freaking amazing images and I'm re-sold.

I also love the idea of people blowing bubbles before and during the ceremony; bubbles, just, everywhere!

I'm not saying they're perfect either though: people won't have their hands free for clapping... can you picture (or imagine the hearing of) complete silence as we recess down the aisle?? It'll be gorgeous, but everyone will be so busy blowing bubbles they won't be clapping and carrying on! What to do??

So, no verdict yet. I haven't shown him these pictures yet, so we'll see... I'm worried that he's pretty much rolled over about everything as soon I show him a picture and say I like it... He's either the most wonderful, perfect, spectacular, loving, and patient man ever, or he's going to be incredibly unhappy with everything... Or maybe he just doesn't care... Well I'll decide soon if bubble-send-off is worth showing him pictures of and swearing I love.

Anyway, two more things that I don't have pictures of (sorry) so I will make my notes on them brief:
I made muffins to test the different vanilla extracts. The results were surprising! First of all, the muffins sucked! They were all tunnel-y and tough... over-mixed because I had to make the batter first and then further mix in vanilla extracts in separate bowls... way too much mixing, UNAVOIDABLE!!

:( yeah

Anyway, other than that, like I said; surprising! He loved the Bacardi Gold, I loved the Brandy! The Absolut one had boring vanilla flavor and the Captain Morgan muffin had almost no flavor whatsoever. So, we'll probably do half Bacardi Gold, half E&J Brandy. I'm getting the liquor in tax-free DE this weekend to start the real things!! Yay!!!

OK, riddle time: what's better than getting one package in a day??

Give up??

Getting two packages!! Ha! We got our custom seal and our invitation supplies in the mail last Friday! How awesome??!! I was super psyched, and the seal is super awesome, and I am so sorry I don't have a picture, but my camera was being moody and all the pictures were really blurry. I've also already started tearing up the chocolate lotka paper for the trifolds:

The chocolate one in the middle; that's what they look like!! Exciting!! Except that the paper has a lot of natural fibers and they're really tough and strong and make the paper really hard to tear and my fingers are killing me today.

OK, last (for real) I'm talking to a make-up artist right now for the bridal party for the wedding day, as a courtesy, I'd really like to do this if it's reasonable. I'll be talking to her in more detail tomorrow hopefully.

Anyway, I've talked way too long... sorry. But I think a post like this was necessary, I got four hours of sleep last night because I couldn't drift off to sleep till about 2:00 (I went to bed around 11:00) from thinking about wedding stuff. And I've still got this twitch in my left eyelid... it's getting really old.

Did anyone else find themselves excited but daunted by the cliff that is the six month mark?


  1. I chose confetti for our send off. and it was biodegradable too!

    Also, if there are tunnels/bubbles in your muffins, it's from over-mixing the batter.