Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fly, my pretties!!

What did you do today?

Well, I got up, flossed, brushed my teeth. I took out the trash and did some dishes. I did a load of laundry. You know, usual Saturday stuff.

Oh yeah! I mailed our Save the Dates today!
Kyle didn't want to wait for me to make coffee this morning so he said "Hey, I'm going to 7-11." And it struck me that the post office is right next to the 7-11, so I said, "Hey, I'm going too!" And I grabbed up my stuff and we left.

We got some coffee and headed over to the post office. There was a long line, I wasn't happy about that. But I waited patiently and I got my stamps! I plan on getting cool stamps for the invitations, but I didn't really feel the need to order special stamps for the Save the Dates, I only needed one per envelope, and Save the Dates are casual, right?

Anyway, we set about stamping. every. single. envelope.
Every... single... envelope... Together! Kyle insisted actually :)
It wasn't so bad, but I thought it very sweet that he wanted to help. Especially because it meant that one of us could take pictures :-D And I could look at his sexy arms ;)

Then it was time to take the plunge! I went outside to the drive by mailbox, tried not to get run over, and let them fly!
In installments, because of the weird mailbox chute.
Whoo hoo!! I'm so excited!! This was the feeling I was hoping for. After I finished them, sealed them all, addressed them all, I didn't feel all that excited, then I realized that it was because even when they were completed, they were still just sitting in the living room. Now!! Now people are going to start getting them next week!

So, I will reiterate; if you get one on the mail, and you come to the website on the bottom (thank you veru much!), take a picture of it and you, and e-mail it to me or put it up online and comment the link to me. I'll post pictures of all my wonderful friends and family as they come in!

Eeee!! I can't wait!!

Oh! And one more envelope that went out with all the Save the Dates: the contract and deposit for Bella Manse! Our baker!! Yay!! She'll now be added to our vendor list.

It's for real for real now!!

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  1. Congrats on getting them mailed out!! So exciting!!