Monday, January 9, 2012

Be veeeewwy quiet!

I'm hunting houses!

I've been busy changing my name on every single piece of plastic I own, and a few other non-plastic things, and Kyle and I are looking at houses!!

Can I just tell you first... changing my name on all my credit cards was disturbingly easy. I mean, not like it's a big deal, not like anyone would do that, maliciously, posing as you... that would be really silly... but it was literally as simple as writing an e-mail to customer service that read something like:

"I just got married and I don't see on your website how to change my name." to get a response back that reads:

"What's your new name?"

And that's it!
Driver's license required a (blessedly) short trip to the DMV but other than that, everything but passport is updated with new name (and I'll take care of that when I actually need it)!

But what (besides graduating of course!) has been occupying my thoughts while I wait for the DVD with our wedding pictures (sent in the mail today!!!)?!?! House hunting! It amazes me so far how helpful everyone is. Real Estate agents, loan people, financial advisors, they're popping up everywhere! But I take it as a huge compliment that our friends and family have been so helpful. I mean, at least they're not giving unsolicited advice... that's my least favorite kind of advice.

Anyway, I only mention it (and will not dwell on it too much) because it's kinda' fun thinking about where you wanna' live and what kind of house you're going to move into. You know, grownup stuff. Also, I was amazed at the options we have, I guess because I didn't think we could afford some of the houses that are in our price range. You wanna' see some??

**Note to my Daddy-o; we have not gone to see any yet, don't you worry, I'm not looking at houses without you. (My dad loves looking at houses... weird, right?!)

 We can afford a yard!! and hardwood floors! and good school districts!
Even cute little stone-front houses with pretty trees in pretty little neighborhoods. It really hit me, while driving around looking at these places and looking them up on various real estate websites, that we're moving out of Southwest Philly!!! Into a house that will fit all of our stuff and there will be a yard!! and a garage!! and a basement!!

Now, I don't mean to imply that I think we're horribly impoverished, but we have been living in an old, rundown, relatively small (for the two of us, GFN roommate and a dog AND all our stuff), craptastic townhouse for FIVE YEARS! And I had forgotten what it was like to have a yard and a garage and a safe place to barbeque.

No more ranting, just a few more houses though, the area in PA we're looking at happens to have a number of fantastic converted old farmhouses too!

Yeah, exposed beams, old fireplaces...

Huge, old, imposing places...

With old hardwood floors and big windows!

And my favorite; the only way you can sell these places is by keeping all the turn-of-the-century charm but updating the appliances!

All home photos are from

So anyway, it all sounds well and good now, but we actually have a tough decision and a lot of work to do (pre-approval, actually looking at the houses, actual approval, and I'm sure, a lot of paperwork...
BUT we're moving soon!!! and I'm sooo excited!!! Not just to get out of Southwest Philly, but also because it will be like solidifying that mine and Kyle's life together is starting off on a strong foundation (although, anyone who can live through five+ years of our place has built a strong foundation, Ithankyou).

Anyway, if I seem preoccupied or am absent for awhile, it's because we've actually been spending a lot of time making sure we make the right decision here. It's kind of funny in that it's similar to wedding planning in that you spend hours collecting data and stats and necessary info and then you make lots of lists. But it's also very much not like wedding planning in that the wedding was one day, this is... longer...

BUT, as I mentioned earlier, the DVD with wedding pictures is IN THE MAIL!!! on it's way to my greasy mitts!! And I can't wait to do recaps!! I've also already started getting my inspiration vs. reality boards together. Eeee!! I can tell you're all just as excited as I am! Seriously though, I could write a whole long-winded post on how awesome my photographer is and how obliging and patient he's been with me, all to give us a fantastic final product that I CANNOT WAIT to share with you!!!

For now, back to work, very shortly, RECAP TIME!!!

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  1. I love looking at houses too! You guys are going to have such a blast!