Friday, January 13, 2012


Pictures are here!!!! Recaps can commence!!
Whoo Hoo!!! I had it sent to Kyle at work because I knew it wouldn't get lost and so he came home last night and told me to close my eyes and then placed it lovingly in my hands. I guess he could sense how excited I was about finally getting this little package.

Wanna' see what was inside??
A DVD surprise surprise! But look! it has a sweet little thank you note too and whoa, check it out! the DVD has one of our wedding pictures on it!! I threw that babeh into a computer immediately and up popped a finder window with almost 1,100 images on it!!

Recaps will commence during any free time I can find next week. Sorry for not starting now, but I have to get going to visit the MOH/BM team in B-more this weekend. Dan's getting shipped overseas again and we haven't seen them since the wedding or the little one since before that! So, keep an eye out for Monday's post!!

Of the married ladies, do you remember when you physically got your dirty little paws on your legally-yours wedding photos? Did it feel gooooood???

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