Friday, January 27, 2012

Eleven Twenty Five Eleven: Our model moment!

We had dinner with Ben and Rose this past weekend (I refuse to call them 'our photographer and his wife' any longer! If they agree to hang out with us from here on out, they're stuck with us... also Kyle and Ben were dressed exactly the same... it was creepy... but awesome! and Ben and I discovered that our brains work the same way, which makes Rose and Kyle's brains confused and angry) and Ben commented that our portraits were his favorite so far. Well thanks Ben! We think you did a great job too, but we acknowledge that looking this damn good had something to do with it... Just kidding... kind of, but I communicated to him that being as comfortable with your photographer as we were makes a huge difference. We basically just walked around and talked and joked and hugged and kissed and just enjoyed our alone time and there just happened to be a photographer following us around.

It's hard for me to edit here. There are so many portraits. Ben gave us so much to work with, and they're all great (I mean, his skill, I'm really not that conceited).

Yes, some of them are the exact same but with small differences here and there. I am going to try to not bombard you with every single one (over 100) but please forgive me if it looks like the same photo over and over again. I love all of them.

Love how that cone snuck in there for this shot.

See, this one is slightly different because Kyle is smiling in this one...

I am not going to justify any further. Enjoy or skim, whatever your preference is.

We have a whole series with this edit job. I debated whether to show you 'the antique photo portraits' or 'the overexposed portraits' or 'the normal portraits' and decided that showing three different posts of portraits would be very pretentious, so you're getting a mix!
We moved next to the wall in front of the farmhouse. Great spot.
Looooove this shot:

Wait what? Wanna' fight?

Every now and then it got too hard to always be so serious!

Yes, that was an example of getting almost the exact same picture three whole times because the processing was different each time. Sorry.


Kyle makes me laugh and make a funny face in 3...2...1...

Nice decolletage.

These are some of my favorite shots too. We played around on the rocks and everyone knows I'm more daring (and possibly surer on my feet) than Kyle, so he kept yelling at me to get off the wobbly rocks, but I was obviously having too much fun.

Kyle says 'No thanks, I'll keep at least one foot on solid ground at all times.'

"Oh sweetie, I'm sorry you're such a wuss baby... Just kidding, I love you sooooo much!"


Point of the dress: Do I look like I'm floating?!
Smoochie smoochie. Ready to catch me??

If I may be so bold as to sigh and swoon at my own photo, I'd say now is the time to do it.

Sun is setting, and I'm slowly slipping. New suit, new dress, it's bound to happen, and he held me up there for a looooonng time. This was just a taste; Ben got about 15 of these shots.

I got me a great big strong man!

But can I just draw everyone's attention to my triceps for a quick second?!

Obligatory bride in front, out-of-focus groom in the back, made even more special by a fantastic setting.

Then we walked... a lot, and just talked and let Ben do his thang. Also I think there were some leftover pins in my dress, I ended up with a bunch of scratches along my calves, and that's a lot of the laughing and dress adjusting you'll see.

Again, too many, too hard to edit, so enjoy or skim, whichever.

Love, not like.

There you go, one of the thank you card picture possibilities... I purposely didn't tell you what the outcome was, btw.

Not yet.

Here it goes, one of many "Ow, ow ow, pins, in my legs" moments.

Yeah, it's not funny.

Great dress shots, if I may say so. ↑↓

I can't say enough about this series, I love it. It's so old movie.  Then I get really serious and Kyle thinks this is funny:

And I'm probably saying "Cut it out, we're supposed to look passionate and serious! Quit laughing!!" No luck. Anyway, we move to my other favorite series... It involves this tree a lot!

Love everything but my weird smirk... ↑↓

Check out Kyle pulling out the serious face!

It gets heavy in 5...






What do you think?? Between the laughs and the kissy kisses and all the rest, I can feel US communicated through these pictures. I think Ben did a fantastic job of capturing that, and I think we will always be able to look back on these pictures with very very fond memories of this day.

This represents some great alone time too. A MUST in my book. We got to talk and laugh and recoup and regroup before the reception. By the end we were eager to rejoin our guests (and eat) so next up, we get introduced!

Miss a recap so far? Catch up!

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  1. Wow, saying those are gorgeous is an understatment. You are both so photogenic...and girl, I gotta say, your hubs looks awfully handsome all dressed up. You guys look perfect and so in love :) And mad props to your photog on capturing so many amazing shots.