Thursday, January 19, 2012

More pausing for money saving

Another break from recaps for great deals!!

I don't usually like to brag, but I ALWAYS manage to learn about great deals the day after I've bought something full price or the deal is going to start in a week but I need it today, etc, etc...

I'm not very patient and I don't usually go looking for deals because to me, the convenience of just buying something usually outweighs all the trouble people go through to get deals! Now, sometimes it's just laziness, but I had to write about the run of great luck I've been getting... again, not bragging, I'm just usually not at all this lucky:

I got an e-mail a day or so ago from Wedding Wire saying that since I'd reviewed a few vendors they were giving me a free gift. It just so happened it was an 8x10 canvas print (one of the fancy ones with wrapped edges, ohhhhh).
This is from Easy Canvas Prints and as cheesy as it sounds, it was really easy, and I've already placed my order using one of the pictures that I'll be going over in the recaps in due time.

Then, in my inbox yesterday is a deal from Shutterfly for 50 free pictures... just 'cuz. I think the deal was just for yesterday, so, sorry to those who aren't on Shutterfly's mailing list. I need to send grandparents, etc... family formals so I was able to get those for free. While I was on Shutterfly's website I also saw that they were running a 'spend $30, get free shipping' deal as well, so I figured that even though Wedding Paper Divas might have a little better quality stuff, now (while we're trying to buy a house) might be the best time to not go so extravagant with the spending. Oh yeah, Shutterfly thank you notes are literally half the price of WPD's... I love my guests, I really do, but let's be reasonable (literally!! $1.03 each versus $2.08 each!!).

So I saved almost $100 going with Shutterfly, add that to the $60 I saved on an extraneous 8x10 canvas print! Not bad for a Wednesday!

But wait! There's more!! This morning, I get to work and find the most appropriate Living Social deal I have ever found (for a just-married person, that is):
Uhhh, yeah, yes please, thank you. Here is the link by the way if you would like to take advantage yourself (and maybe help me out in the process XD):

Yes, that was a shameless plug (for those who aren't familiar with the Living Social structure, if three people buy this deal using my link, I get my deal free... yeah, I know, shameless). But either way, I'm very happy to have saved $100 outright. Now, because it was such a fabulous deal and I saw little to lose, I went ahead and bought two (Living Social often puts a lot of restricts on the number of a deal you can buy, but this one is unlimited) so add another $100 to the savings scoreboard and over the past two days I've saved $360 and for all my troubles I've got three canvas prints of wedding pictures, 50 wedding pictures and 75 thank you cards.

Whew, I've also got a credit with Ben still for a fine art print that was part of our contract, so... minus albums, which I haven't started thinking about just yet, I went from having no wedding prints, to having lots. That's what I like to call jackpot.

Please excuse me for gloating, I'm really usually not this consumer-savvy, so, thanks for letting me have my moment.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program!

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