Thursday, January 19, 2012

Eleven Twenty Five Eleven: We ceremoniously process!

While we finished getting ready, PEOPLE started arriving, as in, this wedding is happening people!! Awww, my cousin Jason looks excited. I was later told this was his first wedding!

Meanwhile, my dad was ready to receive me as I made my way down from the bridal suite.

Doesn't he look handsome??
I loved our few minutes together. I was reminded of all those blogs I've read where the bride talks about what she and her dad talked about before the long walk. We talked about whether or not Kyle liked his gift. He didn't even offer to help me run away :)

Meanwhile, everyone else started the processional (headed by our officiant, my G) while Nick played us in with my favorite music from my favorite soundtrack... Pride and Prejudice.

And my dad and I continue to horse around.

I thought I would lose it just seeing him... But we both held it together...

And the groomsmen continued to usher in grandparents.

Dan with Kyle's paternal grandmother
Kenny with Kyle's maternal grandmother

Keith with my paternal grandmother and then Dan with my maternal grandmother. Everyone was so pretty!!

And finally Kenny with Kyle's great aunt. The music changed as the mothers are escorted down!

Eeeee!! My Mama!!

Of course my brother would escort our Mama!

And obviously, the last to enter and take his place would be Kyle, escorting his Mom!

Such loverly ladies!! And speaking of loverlies, it was time to switch the music again as my ladies took their places!

First came Keri, looking so nice! I don't think I will ever be able to properly express my gratitude to all the girls. But thank you so much. I see these pictures and it makes me think about everything everyone did to make this day go so well.

Thanks for being there and lookin' so sexay!!

Next came sister Jordan. Although there was always a question growing up of whether or not one of us was going to kill the other in her sleep, there was never a question about whether or not she was going to be in my wedding.

Thanks Jordan! And thanks for all your help leading up to the big day. Oh, and thanks for looking for houses for us too ;)

Lastly, of course, came Mia, looking gorgeous. And yeah, need I remind you she had just given birth two weeks prior to this?!

Thanks for... uhh, squeezin' out a baby in time to be my maid of honor? Haha, just kidding, thanks for being awesome and being there for me! Duh!
Finally, we got the signal, and it was time to start our slow journey to matrimony... Do I look scared sh#tless??

Luuuurve this picture... and it perfectly captures the outward appearance of massive butterflies and heart pounding that was occurring at that moment for what was ahead...

Which you'll have to wait for tomorrow to see!!

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