Monday, January 16, 2012

I hate blogger today

I just wanted to post a rant about blogger and how it just deleted a whole post in the middle of writing. If there's anyone out there doing quality control today, you suck.

I'm writing this not just because it will make me feel better to get it all out, but mostly because I feel that nowadays, if something is broke, someone should fix it. We pay people millions of dollars for a reason, is it right that web developers make as much as they do?? Maybe not, seeing as are they really saving any lives? (this is not meant to offend anyone in IT btw, stick with me here, follow me) And yet, they are in control of a system that I could not live without and I do not know how to do it myself... (see, that was a compliment)

That being said, I get 50 million times more angry at a program on the internet when it glitches than when a doctor makes a mistake because THIS IS NOT BRAIN SURGERY!!! Get your stuff together and make blogger more user friendly! I'm just trying to upload pictures... why exactly did you crash in the middle of my post??

Someone is probably reading this right now. Nothing will probably happen and I'm totally fine with that because I just needed to let it all out. But DO NOT let it happen again.

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