Saturday, January 21, 2012

Eleven Twenty Five Eleven: My turn!

After 14 months of planning... after thousands of dollars and craft after craft and after almost 6 years with Kyle, I was on my way to marrying him! Sounds cheesy I know, but I don't mean it that way, it all came rushing at me that this was it, and trust me, I was not feeling too giddy at that point, my chest hurt from my heart pounding.

The music changed once more, and we were signaled to start walking...

I'm going to spare you most the numerous pictures of me staring at the ground, suffice it to say, I was super excited and super happy, but it took me a minute to get my heart rate under control enough to start smiling.

I'm purposely not looking at my dad either.

Sorry, Daddy, not trying to sell you out. But several people told me after the wedding that it was him that was going to make them cry!

To me he looks fantastic though, picture of perfection!

But what the hell am I doing??

Now, I also have to remind myself that when I see it in pictures, it seems like it took longer... People, that walk was the shortest walk of my life in my head. So to me, I was only looking down for a millisecond to gather myself...

Yes, that's right, looking in the right direction now, and don't forget to smile!!

Whew!! And of course, now I see Kyle and he sees me and everything's all perfect!!

My Grampa welcomes everyone and tells them all of course why we're here. I can finally relax a little, because everything has been perfect so far and there's no going back! Not that I ever intended to go back, but... you get it.

He asks who gives this woman to this man and I look at my dad, and all of a sudden I hear everyone in the pavilion say "We all do!" Ha, very funny. I love surprises.

I have to be completely honest, I was so nervous and so excited that I don't remember a lot of the details of the beginning of the ceremony, but I know my G said a lot of wonderful words. Finally, it was time to hand me off...

And I remember looking at my dad and being so excited about this part (haha, that sounds horrible, bear with me) because the meaning behind this part of the ceremony might seem antiquated; obviously I haven't lived at home for years, but it really does signify a turning page and start of a new chapter.

The significance of holding my dad's hand and then holding Kyle's was so tangible at that moment. My fingers were tingling!!
And then he handed me off!! And I felt the page turning and the new life beginning. Mia stepped forward to take my bouquet and we were ready to begin!
Tomorrow, WE GET MARRIED!!!

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