Monday, January 30, 2012

Eleven Twenty Five Eleven: Please welcome to the floor!

So, in some respects, I could have stayed out there all day. I could've tried all sorts of other things to get more shots with Ben. I also could have stayed out there just me and Kyle all day. But at the same time I knew that there were more important things than our portraits...
Thank you Ryan, you're right... As always! So our guests assembled in the ballroom for the start of the reception!

Nick, who has been doing a phenomenal job so far, is now assigned the task of announcing us, which is no big deal for him at all. Look how professional he looks!

As I mentioned in my unofficial Facebook recaps, we all walked out to Jeff Beck's Dirty Mind, everyone was a great sport and did a little dance on their way out.

Well, maybe not my brother...

I can assure you that Kenny did though because he's in love with Jeff Beck.

How ridiculously sweet are they?!?! Miss you Dan!! (he's away for six weeks, I'm not trying to shaft Mia, but she's not away, I can see her whenever I want)

So finally... without further ado... it was time to introduce... for the first time... Mr. and Mrs. Kyle James!!!!

We boogied...

Break it down!! (Just kidding, I know, we're total losers :D )

Alright, alright, so we stop horsin' around and start acting our age.

Time for our glamour, red carpet pose:::::::::::::::::::::
Isn't he so handsome?! So we're officially announced and it's time for our first dance as hubby and wifey before the real party begins... well, after the speeches and dinner, but... anyway, the point is, next, we dance!

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