Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Eleven Twenty Five Eleven: Getting toasty!

I want to start out first by saying anyone who has Google Chrome (not sure if it happens with normal Safari/Firefox/Internet Explorer) might be getting weird malware warnings whenever coming to visit my site. If so, and if you click "proceed anyway" well then thanks! Because I'm getting a malware warning simply because I put in a Sparkle and Hay link months and months and months ago (notice I did not link Sparkle and Hay this time).

There is absolutely no malware on this site! But because I referred to a website that has been found to have malware, Google Chrome feels it must warn you that I might also have malware. That's like saying that if the president of the United States has the flu, I must have the flu too... or something. Anyway, my little blog is not nearly important enough for anyone to put malware on. Thanks for sticking around, hopefully Google Chrome will get their you-know-what together and quit harassing my page! Ahem! Hear that Google Chrome?! Quit being so paranoid!!

Anyway, after our first dance, Kyle and I sat down to be toasted by our best man and maid of honor. Now, I am going to tell you right now; and I think most brides would agree with me, as a 'warning' to future brides, once that ceremony is over, and all you have to do is look pretty for the rest of the night, you're not going to remember much else after you say 'I do.' Sorry, and sorry to our MOH/BM, but I do not remember a lick of your speeches. I know they were short and sweet (and I do mean sweet)... but I'm sorry, I just really do not remember any of them.

Alright, enough defensiveness, here's the pics:
I feel even more bad about forgetting the speeches because I know they were also funny. You know, subconsciously, this is why I didn't want speeches, I knew I wouldn't remember them and then I would feel guilty.

 Dan was very cool under pressure.
 And very serious...
Between the processing, Kyle's face, Mia's sweet look, my goofy face, and Dan's little smirk, I absolutely love this picture.

Very glad we didn't go with even bigger centerpieces than we did! HOWEVER! I love that we got a few great centerpiece shots here.

I can also appreciate that I DO remember that Mia was very nervous, which I thought was very sweet, because there was no need to be worried about messing anything up.

Mia was also very serious... but she was prettier to look at (sorry Dan)

I also remember that Mia's speech also almost got me choked up again, but thankfully (refer back to the short sweet part) it was over in time to save us all from more waterworks.

So, no need for anyone to be nervous! I will definitely say for them that I think it's pretty cool that they did them off the cuff; just sort of spoke their minds and left it at that. Sums up our whole relationship (in a good way)!

By the way, what do you think of our awesome, ultra-modern champagne flutes? They were a gift from my aunt and uncle, not intended to be our champagne flutes until it dawned on me that we didn't have fancy champagne flutes and they fit the bill perfectly. I'm super psyched they will always be our champagne flutes. Funny story too, I really honestly mean that these were not intended to be our champagne flutes; I put them on my registry and my aunt bought them for me for my bridal shower. She ordered them though and when they came in the mail one was broken. I had to take them to a BBB and they (wonderfully) replaced them, no questions asked. They really are the best in this regard; paid for the new shipping as well. However, they didn't have them in the store. So they were going to have to order them from the warehouse and ship them. I forgot all about it until the wedding was a few days away and I got an e-mail saying they were in the mail on the way... and all of a sudden I said to myself 'Self, you don't have champagne flutes!' It took an embarrassingly long time for it to hit me that 'Oh, wait, some champagne flutes are coming in the mail.' But then of course I started freaking out that they wouldn't come in the mail in time. They did, obviously, and I was happy to have them as our personal flutes. This same aunt also got us the matching awesome, ultra-modern martini glasses. I am just too cool.

But anyway, am I the only one out there with ADD bad enough that I forgot my MOH/BM speeches? Did anyone use a wedding/shower gift in an unexpected way?

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