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Eleven Twenty Five Eleven: Mommy Daddy issues...

From this point out, I debated going in order versus showing events thematically. Let me explain; we broke up all the traditional wedding stuff with partying so no one would be left out or bored. So do I show it to you in order in installments? or show you all the traditional stuff one post at a time and then just have a big party post at the end? I figured that having a mess of reception pictures at the end would be a little... boring? As in, OK, it's just a million pictures of people dancing and singing (probably poorly) along with the music. BUT, in the end, I figured that themes are easier to tell stories with... That was a long explanation to tell you that things are going to be out of order here, but they will better tell a story in the order I'm going to show you... Got it??

Since the last post was about dancing, I'm following with the parent dances. My dad and I danced to Earth, Wind & Fire's All About Love. Why? You might ask. Well, to answer your as-of-yet-unasked question, the first time my dad ever showed me his old records, they consisted primarily of his impressive Earth, Wind & Fire collection. This was how I was first introduced to September, Let's Groove, Shining Star, I mean really! I didn't appreciate it quite as much back then... I was like 'What's a record??' but it stuck with me, so I had to pick an Earth, Wind & Fire song for us to dance to... Well, you know most EWF songs are not at all applicable to a father/daughter situation... All About Love is pretty much the only slow song EWF wrote that isn't... raunchy. ANYWAY, all this is a very long explanation for trying to explain that I wanted a more personal father/daughter dance song than Butterfly Kisses or Daddy's Little Girl... Enough! I know. Enjoy:
 He's in the middle of saying something, that's why he has a fish face.
Then I said something goofy, I'm sure... Basically, we just joked the whole time and kept asking each other how long this song was... Just kidding, I'm sure we talked about sweeter things than that.


No seriously, I think we joked about how silly it was to choose Earth, Wind & Fire and about how Mama HATES Earth, Wind & Fire. Probably the point of this was so neither or us got emotional.

I look like that little five-year-old again ↑ Isn't he so handsome?!

He was such a sweet gentleman. Didn't step on my dress once! I'm very glad we got our little moment there, even if no one else understood why I could have possibly picked an Earth, Wind & Fire song, I'm very glad I did.

Kyle's story is much easier and quicker. His mom wanted to dance to LeAnn Womack's I Hope You Dance. Probably she just loves that song, a lot. Kyle had no interest in going against her wishes, so that's what they danced to:

Kyle's mom looked so nice (even though she kept threatening me in order to not post these pictures... TOOOO bad!! Ha!) and she was such a sweet and maybe a little too unobtrusive mother-in-law. Don't get me wrong, I don't need her to start nagging, but she's such an atypical MIL, I don't mind a little.

Also have I mentioned how cute it is that she and her boyfriend matched?? With his fancy charcoal suit, metro black shirt and fancy teal striped tie! They were a pretty pair.

I know it meant a lot to her to dance with her son. He was very sweet and attentive.
 I never did ask them if they talked about anything in particular during their dance.

 I think their song was shorter than mine too, so we don't have as many pictures.
 Get ready for head-splitting sweetness:
Too cute! So this was a shorter post and it didn't take me so long. I should be able to post about cake cutting or some other cool thing tomorrow. Thanks for your patience!!

What were your father/daughter, mother/son dance songs? How did you pick them??

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