Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Eleven Twenty Five Eleven: Save room for dessert!

Thank you to Google Chrome for figuring out whatever they thought was malicious on Sparkle and Hay/my blog and fixing it! You no longer get annoying warnings when visiting! Yay!!

I completely forgot at the end of my last post about the toasts to also post about grace and dinner. No biggee, but there are a few more pics of that general time:

We surprised Kyle's Pop Pop by asking him to say grace... Was it supposed to be a surprise?! No, of course not, my lovely new husband was supposed to ask him prior to right now, but he didn't... obviously. Pop Pop took it in stride though and gave us a lovely blessing.

We only had ONE glass clinking to kiss to, not that I'm complaining, but this is the only time we kissed because everyone wanted us to. Every other time it was just for fun.

Now, I had a hard time sitting still so when I got tired of eating (you should definitely eat, I credit eating for allowing me to party all night long and not get sloshed... but my excited self could only eat so much!) I had to go start saying hello.
We specifically did not opt for visiting every table because we didn't want everyone waiting, sitting, bored at their tables while we visited with eeeeeeeeveryone. We promised ourselves we would visit with everyone throughout the night, and I believe we did. Here we're visiting with our best friends table. They got the 'spot of honor' in front of the head table. Not that any table held less honor, obviously the head table- and obviously the two parent/grandparent tables were on either side of us... I'm just going to keep digging myself into a hole here. Of course you were invited because you were close to us, I'm just making a point that the people at that table helped shape us as friends. Whatev, more pictures.
Don't remember what they're talking about but Nick was so sweet throughout the night and would periodically ask us when we wanted to do this or that or if we were in the mood for a particular song.

Great couple shots of our ballroom, still one of my favorite parts looking back at the wedding.
My sweet sweet grandparents, just looking cute.

Ben has a feature on his regular photography blog called Hand-Made, he has a thing for people who work with their hands, and he got even more shots of Nick than I'm posting here. I think he enjoyed getting to shoot that as his own little private side thing. Anywho...
So, because everyone's been so sweet and patient and supportive while I get work done and since blogging has kind of had to sit on the back burner for me, I'm making today a double feature! Can't have dinner without dessert!!

So next we cut that cake! Wanna' see?
 This was my first real close look at the cake, so I'm taking it all in.

Cake, burlap, burlap bunting (love is sweet)... just awesome.

In hindsight, I wish I had put some moss around the cake base, but I honestly had no idea there would be so much empty space on this table... the cake looks lonely here :(

Anyway, we gingerly moved our lovely birdie cake toppers, thanks again to my awesome Aunt Keirsten!

Love this picture! ↑
Yes, they gave me a big knife, and I knew how to use it!

 So exciting!!

 What's taking so long?!?!?! Here... I'll help.

Alright, you behave... No YOU behave!

That's Kyle saying 'Don't encourage her!' because of course everyone was encouraging me, and that's me going 'Dare me?!'

But we already agreed to be good. Also please excuse the next picture, it's hard to get so many fingers plus cake into someone's mouth, so this part was a little awkward and resulted in impossibly wide open mouths!
 Of course anyone who knows us knows our mouths will accommodate.
 Wait... whatcha doin'??
 Oh no he di'in't! I'm so glad Ben did not capture the ensuing craziness. I reached to retaliate; put a little icing on Kyle's nose, and he leaned forward, and, readers, I poked him right in the eye! I felt so bad, but he forgave me, after he got the icing out of his eye...

Looooove the next two pictures...
Yum! Cake cutting was a mess o' fun. We maintained our promise of not cake smashing, but still had a little too much fun with it. What cake traditions did you follow?

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  1. I love your cake! It is gorgeous - it has the whole ombre thing going but it is nice and natural looking. Great pick!