Thursday, February 2, 2012

Eleven Twenty Five Eleven: Slow Jamz!!

Hey Peeps, sorry for being MIA; work has been CRAAAAAZY! I scheduled my next thesis committee meeting where they'll finally give me permission to write my thesis (from that point, I have NO MORE THAN 6 months to graduate) for later this month, and my boss wants a draft of my second research paper by then. THEN I have to write my thesis by sometime in April and defend my thesis by the end of April because my boss leaves for his new job in Texas in early May. Oh, and we're trying to buy a house and I need to find my next job!
Anyone who is in research or any sort of graduate program knows about PhD comics. Well, this is life in our lab right now. We've lost two graduate students to other labs and everyone remaining is panicking about what they're going to do. Looks like most of the lab is going with our boss to Texas. Best of luck to you. Watch out for scorpions, tumbleweed, and ignorant people (no offense to any Texans who might be reading who are civilized... I'm not talking about you).

The point is that I'm working my butt off trying to be done with the bench work part. Then I'll have to closet myself somewhere to write... Then there'll be a lot of general freaking out. Meanwhile, the banking world doesn't care that we want to buy a house and no one is returning our calls... because apparently they're too busy. And to top it all off, I'm nervous to start applying to jobs because of a general lack of self-worth in my skills as a scientist.

But enough of that, I wanna' think about fun stuff, like continuing recaps. We've just been introduced and now it's time for our first dance. I mentioned during our recaps that we danced our first dance to Incubus' Friends and Lovers, and this series of pictures is nothing but, you know, nice dancing pictures. So have a listen and enjoy:
Remember... I still have no idea what the first dance song is... Note the trepidatious face...
You can't see my face but when I hear the first notes I started laughing. Oh OK, we're good.



We just talked and joked and I remember thinking 'I had no idea this song was so long.' Since our party did not consist of couples except for Mia and Dan, I didn't want to make it a Bride+Groom, then Bridal Party dance thing. Besides, Kyle and I are spotlight hogs... but this was a long song.

Me singing along ↓

 At least Ben got some fantastic pictures out of it. Can't complain about that.


 I also remember thinking a lot about how I've loved Incubus for a long long time but Kyle only became interested in them when he met me, and for him to pick this song was just added to the pile of Stuff-Kyle-did-for-me-for-this-wedding.
Ben made sure to feature Riverdale's fantastic windows and chandeliers and exposed beams:


So everyone was sweet enough to stand up and watch us dance around for a few minutes. Thanks everyone! We contemplated getting dance lessons- long and hard, actually- but I just felt that the long dress and the lack of high heels was not conducive to a choreographed first dance. Then we thought about costs and time management and it just didn't happen. Why do I even bring it up? Because of what I mentioned earlier about feeling like it's pretty boring to watch two people just slide around the floor for four minutes. But I have to keep reminding myself that we're allowed to hog the spotlight for seemingly boring reasons for one day.

Anyway, when I get a chance, I'll next show you other stuff! I don't know what yet! It'll be a surprise for everyone!

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