Tuesday, October 5, 2010

As promised... MORE on color

Hello again, soooo, I glued fabric swatches onto a nice thick piece of watercolor paper and organized it all nice and it scanned funny... you couldn't see the off-white anymore and the quality was crap. I looked at the one I posted yesterday and it wasn't all that bad.

Kyle and I talked more about color, and he, of course, agreed with my mom about making the groomsmen ties the same color as the bridesmaid dresses. Well fine then! See, I don't disagree, I just thought maybe it would be too matchy matchy. Also, then where does the blue go?! Because I still really like the blue. Kyle suggested blue napkins, and then I said ooook, but where did that come from? People will walk into the reception hall and say 'Hey! why are there all of a sudden BLUE NAPKINS?! Where did those come from?!' That's what they'll say, yes siree! Then won't I feel dumb. However, if the groomsmen ties AND the napkins are blue, then we'll have more of a tie in (umm, no pun intended... really) while still not just throwing a blue sash on the bridesmaids to try to make the blue fit in... which would be hilarious and so '80s. There are situations where the colors could work without blue, check out this inspiration board:

But I like the idea of the men with blue ties, especially my man, with his pretty blue eyes! I hope no one is confused, because I know, I just threw a bunch of words out there and some of those pieces are coming from individual conversations between me and my mom and me and Kyle.

Here it is:

but try to imagine it with an off-white shirt underneath, and I don't like that shade of blue... This is why I'm doing this, because no one else can! You do a google image search for 'brown suit, blue tie' and see how much crap comes up! It's ridiculous, that's why I'm happy with the ideas that are rattlin' around in my head.

That being said, I am still not above stealing a few choice ideas here and there, like this one!
But I thought I'd be a little more creative and actually use the name of the wine as the table name! A little sign secured to the bottle somehow will act as an enlarged name tag for that table!
I'm officially going to start attaching linked photos, from now on for all my ideas (the ones that don't just pop out of my brilliant mind!) so that you all can follow along and so that I can remember these ideas 14 months from now... let's just say it took me an hour to find the wine bottle image! No more of that.

Of course, my mind is always open to other suggestions!

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