Sunday, October 17, 2010

Make-up time!!

I had to go to RiteAid today to get milk, and I found myself spending, oh I dunno', at least 30 minutes in the make-up section. I want to go ahead and say, I suck at putting on make-up. The main reason is because I just don't wear make-up regularly, so when it's time to get made-up, I either do too much or not enough. If I do too much, it gets cakey and stuck in my smile lines and all; I don't even have wrinkles, but it makes me look like I do! If I don't wear enough, I keep needing to reapply AND then I can't effectively cover my slight skin unevenness.

So, what is the solution?? I consider myself a pretty low maintenance woman, I don't wear make-up because I, personally, can't see the point of spending God knows how long every morning putting make-up on just to go work in a lab, with a bunch of scientists who wouldn't notice if I sprouted extra ears overnight, let alone if I was wearing eye shadow. But under formal circumstances, I do get a little self-conscious if the little red spots on my cheeks aren't covered up, or the little shadows under my eyes aren't lightened. The whole low maintenance thing though, totally rules out processes like airbrush make-up, or make-up artists in general... yeah, no way I am hiring someone to cake make-up on my face.

I found some stuff at RiteAid, I saw a comercial for this roll-on foundation and it made me laugh more than anything else, so I bought it:
The last product that fooled me was the Almay stuff that starts white and adopts your skin tone once you rub it in, but it was incredibly thick and cakey, so I am going to try out this stuff and see how it feels, but my hopes are not high. I also got some liquid liner, which makes me nervous as well because I've never used liquid liner, let's pray it stays only on my lids! I'm also very excited about some CoverGirl lipstain because I HATE lipstick... with every fiber of my being! And when CoverGirl came out with all their Outlast lip 'paints' for lack of a better word, I was at first excited because it wasn't oily and... get-on-your-teeth-y... But when that stuff dries, it feels like cement on your lips, then it cracks and you end up eating it. It does last though! I'll give it that, and I suppose if my lips were more moisturized, it would go on more smoothly. BUT I am very excited about the concept of thise lipstain that very well may not feel like anything at all!! I can't wait!

The only thing I'm not too enthusiastic OR unenthusiastic about is eye shadowing. I have blue-green eyes, and if I wear eyeshadow that's green, it'll bring out the green in my eyes, problem is, if I wear blue eyeshadow, it somehow also makes my eyes look super green. There's no major green in my color scheme for the wedding, but I can't very well make my eyes do something they don't want to do! I was first thinking I would do something in blue to match the blue in Kyle's tie... but then I remember this:

HAHA, not good. Also, the reason I know my eyes turn green when I wear blue eyeshadow is because my class color in high school was blue and we had a school spirit day once a year and I always wore blue eyeshadow, just like Mimi's. So with blue out, I thought maybe I would try to bring in a little more of the deep plum/burgundy color, and because I don't want to look gothic, just make it subtle... So I bought a few deep purple eyeshadow kit things to play with, even though I then realized I already had one at home...

So, it's late now, but tomorrow, I'm going to do a trial(!) and post some pictures and hopefully get some opinions??


  1. did you pick up some brushes? cuz they work way better than the little sponge things that come with eye shadows and stuff...

  2. Dad gave me a butt-load of brushes this past Christmas, I guess he had a bunch leftover from work, but yeah, I've got loads of brushes!