Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fiance repellant

I am very sad to report that the man is working late tonight, BUT, on the flipside, that means I get to focus on posting about wedding dresses!! It's amazing though, with laundry, an upcoming thesis committee meeting, and hunting images of wedding dresses down, it's taken me two hours tonight to get this post started, and now, after craning my neck over my tiny Asus netbook (which I love, unless I want to look at the fine details on wedding dresses) I need to go get my extra glasses...

Okie dokie, if he's not already left the blog, it should go without saying that Kyle should leave now...

So, where to begin! Well, I'll begin at the beginning, wherein my mother says "I really do want to see you in a mermaid gown, I bet it'll look great." Well friends and readers, I was astounded to say that she was right! Unfortunately I couldn't take any pictures at either salon, but it made me look like I had hips! I couldn't believe it, and the structure of the gowns made my waist look nice and slim. I couldn't believe that either! I'm mad I don't have a picture, because I'm not trying to act like I'm all hot stuff, I'm just trying to convey my amazement! I don't remember the dress, it wasn't my favorite anyway, but just one my consultant picked.

This was the first dress my consultant picked for me based on my conviction that I wanted organza:

It's a Marisa and it was very nice, it was flowy and not shiny (I'm not huge into shiny). My mom and sister loved it, except for the way the organza laid in the back. They really liked it, my sister wouldn't stop talking about it! I liked the idea of it, but I didn't have that magical feeling... whatever that feeling is.

Also, on that woman, the flower is where it's supposed to be... on me? It was directly over my lady parts! I was like "Is that supposed to be there?? Isn't that a little obvious?!?!"

Next, she had me go to the back and pick some dreses for myself. It was a crazy experience; I guess because all those episodes of Say Yes to the Dress had me thinking that I didn't belong in the back room with all those dresses. Well, that's neither here nor there. I was able to pick out a few dresses by Pronovias, and my consultant picked out one from Paloma Blanca.

This dress, in my opinion looked best on me. I was very happy with it. I liked the fabric as well, which I believe was taffeta or some other non-shiny fabric. It was lightweight and in the end, I think that was my only problem with it, it felt a little like it didn't have enough weight to it. But that isn't enough of a criticism for me to nix it. Here are some other Paloma Blanca dresses that I found now that I know that it's such a stellar brand!

The last two dresses are mermaid that I'd be willing to try now that I realize that they actually look OK on me.

Now, we move on to the Pronovias dresses. Unfortunately, all of these were too big for me, so I wasn't thrilled with the way they looked just because I couldn't get a good enough idea of how they should look, but I could tell I loved them nonetheless!

The left hand dress was gorgeous but the right hand dress, while gorgeous, was a little too much. The dresses were well-maid, beautiful, pristine, I can't think of any more words, but think of more good words and they'll all apply.

NEWS FLASH: they were some of the cheapest dresses I've ever encountered. It came as such a shock to me when my consultant told me the price for the dress on the left: $1200. Now, I'm not pretending that's cheap, but let's put it in perspective; it was cheaper than every other dress I tried on! Unfortunately I don't remember most of the other Pronovias dresses I tried on, because at the second salon, where she put me in a lot of Pronovias, she didn't tell me what the model names were. I found out though that the sparkly you see in pictures is just cheap plastic beads... really??? And do you know how expensive a dress becomes because of "hand sewn" cheap plastic beads?? Too expensive to even consider. I can tell you it's not worth the price, because they're just cheap plastic beads!! It was surprising to me because a lot of dresses I thought I loved in pictures were just disappointing up close.

There was one more way out of left field that everyone else loved, surprisingly:

Everyone really liked it, apparently my mom thought I was going to go for something more form fitting and less poufy. But I felt more fun in the poufy ones, in this one, my boobs were... ready to punch me in the chin! I loved it for its sexiness, but I'm not sure I want to be THAT sexy.

Like I said, as soon as they e-mail me the details of the other dresses I tried on, I'll post them, but for now, the only other dresses I have are ones I really... really didn't like. And again, I know the effect is kind of lost because I don't have actual pictures, but trust me, these dresses were not flattering at all ON ME:

The one of the left was so restricting at the bottom that I couldn't walk. And the one on the right? What's up with those little flowers on the top?? Maybe they'll work for some, but not for me.

OK, so I'm not 100% sure where we stand, because I still haven't found one my mom loves as much as I do, which is not a huge determinant, because she insists that whatever I love is the one I should get. But I do want her to have a similar reaction to the one I get, whenever I get it!

The conclusion is it's still too early to tell, but it was a whole lotta' fun! A million thanks to Keri again for taking such good notes! As soon as I get those e-mails from my consultants, I'll have more of an idea of what worked and what didn't. Whew, this post only took 5 hours to finish...


  1. All of those dresses are very pretty! Glad you got to go shopping!

  2. What is it with Moms and mermaid dresses? My mom is very partial to the mermaid as well. I think all of those dresses are gorgeous!