Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wedding dress addendum

I just wanted to add a few more thoughts about dress shopping because last night was kind of overwhelming. There were so many details I forgot, so many dresses, I didn't think I would get overwhelmed, but I think I did. I look back over the dresses on yesterday's post and I'm like, there's no theme here, there's no clear style favorite. Everyone liked different things in general, and things I didn't think would look good looked great and things I didn't think my mom would like she loved! I'm trying to let this all sink in, but dresses keep floating in and out...

I thought I would hate some, and feel some magical feeling with one, or maybe two (to make it a somewhat difficult decision) but what happened was I didn't hate hardly any of them. I found out, instead, that I was very ignorant about certain aspects of this process: like the beading, not having a clear enough idea of what I wanted, etc...

I'm going to call my consultants and figure out which dresses I tried on, really put them side by side, and figure out which ones I loved and which ones were just 'meh.' A big factor for me will be honestly saying to myself "OK, I don't care what the dress looks like in the picture on the model, you didn't like it up close, remember??" I might have to go back by myself (yes, by myself!) so that I can take my time and do some hard core scientist-esque analysis, because I didn't do that for two reasons this past weekend: #1, I didn't want to make everyone sit through that, including the consultants, but mostly my family, and #2, I was too excited, suffering from sensory overload.

It's time to get down to business because like I said, I really feel like I came through this with no clear vision of what I want anymore... that sounds depressing, it's not, I'm just confused! I can admit it! I think most of the ones I tried at the second salon were supposedly exactly what I wanted; the bunched satin and then exposed tulle, but I was so overloaded at the point (I realize that in hindsight) that I don't remember them! and I don't remember if I liked any of them!!

AHA!! But let's analyze that statement, because I do remember that a lot of them had that cheap-looking beading, AND I would remember, no matter how overloaded I was, if I had experienced that feeling.

Ugh, what I gathered from this right now, as I've been writing, is that I loved the first Pronovias I posted yesterday because of its structure and lack of phony beading, but I felt it lacked a little extra texture, some tulle or something somewhere else, and it was too white. I liked the Marisa for its organza, the flowy and organic feel, but it was too plain... I loved the Paloma Blanca (it was the perfect color), but it felt a little too flimsy.

So, find me a sturdy, Pronovias with the structural elements that still has organza somewhere, and no beading... that's my mission!! I'm going to go find it, I'll be back!!

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