Monday, October 4, 2010

Riverdale Visit and Color, REvisited

SOOoooooOO, Kyle and I went to Riverdale Manor this weekend and met with Maureen. Kyle thought she was nicer than most of the other wedding coordinators and felt the place had the most promise. I completely agree with him and am very happy he is happy with the decision. I'd also rather not have to kiss $800 of my parents money goodbye!

We also talked about the menu whilst there, and we have a tentative menu set up:

Display Hors D'ouerves:
Crab and Artichoke Fondue (mmmmmm)
Fruit, Veggie, and Cheese Display (standard)
Butlered Hors D'ouerves:
Ham-stuffed cheddar scones
Brie and Pear Quesadillas

Salad: Apple Salad with Apple Cider Vinaigrette
Entree: Choose between Filet of Beef and Chicken Chesapeake
Vegetarian option: Roasted Baby Acorn Squash stuffed with roasted veggies
Children's option: TBA, but there will be one
Sides: Roasted veggies and Potatoes Au Gratin

Our wedding cake and an ice cream bar

Be excited!!! Now, it's still very early so this whole menu is subject to change. But it's exciting because things are happening!! I've been reading a million blogs, writing down all my ideas, and generally having more fun thinking about it than should be allowed. I'm maybe supposed to be feeling overwhelmed?? But I'm not, but I'm sure the whole, 14 months to wait is helping with that. I still have a lot of time to think about what needs to get done; what vendors I need and what I plan to DIY.

I wanted to provide an update on color though!! I talked to Kyle and he had pretty strong ideas about color. He hated the teal and normally I would have demanded more explanation from him but again, any little bit that he wants to help, I'm totally open to it. And he has so few objections that I don't mind accommodating the ones he does have; if Kyle hates to look at teal, why would I want to force him to stare at teal-colored stuff all night?! I wouldn't!! If I was at all decent!!

He likes a light blue, and originally, I was against it because it's the same color as the sky, but again, I have to keep telling myself, 'Even if you manage to be able to do the ceremony outside in late November, the ceremony is only 30  minutes long!! The blue is for adding a splash of color to the reception!' So Light blue it is, I refuse to call it baby blue, and I've chosen a shade that looks almost steely blue, as opposed to say, a cornflower blue. When teal went out the window, orange had to go with it, especially because burnt orange is too garish next to light blue... I think. When you mix the deep wine/plum/whatever-you-call-it color I love so much with the chocolate brown that I would like the groomsmen to wear, orange has no place anymore either. So the whole color scheme is slightly revised, but I believe it's completely for the better. The whole thing has been elevated to a muted, rustic, comfortable feel, and I think that suits Kyle and I better. To let you in on what I'm thinking, I am scanning in the color pallet chart I threw together yesterday before visiting Maureen (in case she wanted to see a color scheme... which she DID!! Which I HAD!! Which I SHOWED HER!! Which she LOVED!!! so she said...) But I am going to rescan it when I have had a chance to make it prettier. I just felt it would be cruel to go on and one talking about it and not show it to you!!

So, quick explanation then, the yarn is my initial inspiration, found at a cute little yarn shop in Philly, on the right is the groom's party colors: brown suits, off-white linen shirts, blue ties. Bridal party: bordeaux dresses... that's as far as I've gone, it's just next to the brown to see if it matches.
Also pictured, two shades of blue (try to figure out which is my favorite and which is Kyle's!!) and two shades of the deep purple.
Lastly in the middle, is the tan color I think I want for tablecloths.


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