Monday, October 18, 2010


As promised, I had fun trying on make-up tonight! So I will give a quick run through first, because the pictures I managed to take weren't that great... in that I think they made me look a little better than I really did. Call it modesty if you like, but whatever the pictures may show on the wedding, Kyle and our family and friends will be able to look close and see every crease and blemish.

So, I mentioned the roller foundation yesterday, and I am happy to report that I think it's a pretty top rate product! It went on even, covered up skin unevenness and felt really lightweight; which really surprised me. However, as soon as I put on powder (which may mean I need to get new powder) my skin looked a bit cakey, and a little flaky. Also, I think I need new concealer because when I put it on under my eyes, it made me look like I had under-eye wrinkles, which I definitely don't usually have. All in all, the point is the new makeup seems to be in good working order, while I need to replace my powder and concealer. Next I used the new CoverGirl smokyshadowblast and it was kinda' weird because it's a cream eyeshadow and it felt a little heavy, but I used the green one and it was a cool effect in the inner eye corner and under the eye. I used some purple I had in the outer corner for a little more smokyness because the copper color that comes on the other end of the smokyshadowblast was too coppery to be used by itself. I used liquid liner for the first time! And while I didn't blind myself, and while it did give me a much more defined line above the eye, and while I didn't keep the makeup on for very long, it seemed as if it was staying put really well: when I use regular liner, it usually transfers from my upper lid line to my bottom one as soon as I blink, and that didn't happen! I already had blush, I already had mascara. Last but not least was the CoverGirl lipstain. AWESOME!! I love the stuff, it felt like I was painting my lips with a magic marker. It went on light and stayed put, didn't crack, didn't cake, didn't budge. Highly recommended!!

Right, quick recap, I recommend the L'Oreal roller foundation, liquid eyeliner, in general, the CoverGirl smokyshadowblast, and the CoverGirl lipstain. On to the main event!

Notice the shadows under the eyes, my cheeks are a little pink, uneven, a little pale.

Now, once I put all the makeup on, I felt it was a little bit much, but the pictures (I think) look kind of just right! Let me know what you think!

Like I said, when I looked in the mirror, it looked like there was too much eye makeup and it seemed like I was already getting a little flaky, but the pictures I think turned out pretty nicely.

Also, here's a shot of the eyes:

SOOOooooOO, I think it was a very successful first make-up trial! I think maybe I didn't blend the eye make-up enough, so that's why it looked like too much to me, and I will work on that, again, I'm kind of just sort of learning. I think I will definitely take my sister's advice (whoa!! shocker!!) and use brushes to blend more effectively. Overall though, one more note about the Revlon roller foundation, their true match system was basically spot on, check out the same shade between my face and my neck:

(this is also a side shot so you can see the purple and the green on the eye)

Again, please let me know what you all think, I'm open to anything, I'm a blank pallet!


  1. OOO! I think it looks great! Esp for being the first time!

  2. "you're beautiful! you're beautiful! you're beautiful, it's truuuuuueeeeee." haha! well i really like it, but i think the eyes are too dark actually...but you do know, ya still have over a year to figure this out haha