Thursday, October 21, 2010

Vacation and photographer meetings to look forward to!!

I am extremely excited about just about everything right now. But, to business, I have to inform all my friends and very gracious readers that the fiance and I are taking a vacation to Rome for a week starting tonight and going until next Thursday night. I have free wifi in my hotel room, but I'm not sure if I'll have time to blog or even read any of the countless blogs I subscribe to/follow.

I'm finishing up at work now and just have a few things left to do at home before I can head to the airport! Kyle is already in Germany with his company and he's going to meet me there! We're just going for fun, site-seeing, and a one day guided tour of Pompeii. I'm pretty psyched! BUT there are other things going on I'm equally as excited about! I've been e-mailing back and forth with Shea Roggio for weeks, it's hysterical, and I'll have to share some excepts when I get back, but he's a really sweet, funny, goofy dude, and we finally settled on meeting... two hours after Kyle and I land back in Philly. I can imagine the man is not going to be super thrilled, but it was literally the only time we could do it; we've got to go pick up Bailey from Kyle's mom's next weekend (she's watching her for us) then Kyle goes straight off to Denver for a few days. I really wanted to meet with Shea before he got booked up on our date! Well, he'll be even angrier at me because the only time I could get a meeting with Ben Weldon was an hour after he gets back from Denver... Sorry, baby!

Oh yeah, finally heard back from Sweet Pea Photography and they said they won't know if they'll be available for our wedding until NEXT SUMMER!! due to some conference they might go to... Yeah, no matter how much I liked them, no one's worth that much trouble and worry.

Well, I must go get things finished up here at work. I'll be back with pictures!!!

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