Tuesday, November 8, 2011

And sunny again just like that!

Today is a disgustingly beautiful November day. Daylight savings meant that when we woke up this morning at the ungodly hour of 5:30 AM, the sun was already peeking above the horizon, and the weather man said that it was going to be close to 70 today! Craziness!!

And to think, yesterday we couldn't see the brake lights of the car in front of us it was so foggy.

Yesterday I was worried about the wrong ties and nobody being paid and not having a honeymoon and not getting a marriage license and not getting anymore of my DIY projects done and the girls not having anything for a coverup...

Then I paid the second half of the honeymoon (umm, I mean Kyle paid for it, I just did the legwork)
I went to the post office and sent checks for the baker and florist (checks that Kyle wrote)

And sent the aqua pashminas back so that hopefully the light blue pashminas will come in their place

And then I went home and put my back into paint scraping and the soon-to-be chalkboards are almost chalkboards. Pictures are forthcoming. I am ALMOST done knitting. I can't believe that it's coming to a close. I can't wait to show it off, it's always just been a big rectangle but the point is that it's going to look like and be worn like this:

To show just a few of the ways I could wear it (all courtesy of Etsy seller TickledPink, must credit her for the idea... but was not going to shell out $385 for one... mine cost me $78 in yarn... and a whole year of labor :D)

Finally, the most important on the list is on the way to getting completed; Kyle's divorce decree came in the mail yesterday! Now, Kyle had mentioned that he was a little embarrassed that I was just spouting off about his previous marriage and divorce on the blog like it was nothing. To be completely fair, he's probably right, because I do sometimes lack a sensitivity chip. I don't mean to throw it around like it's nothing. It was a not-so-fantabulous time in his life- in our lives- but it's a real part, not to be ignored, and I don't think it needs to be brushed under the rug. I bring it up also because there are folks out there, I am sure, who can commiserate. I'm not going to pretend our whole lives have been roses and nothing bad every happens to us. MOREOVER, and most importantly, I don't bring up 'the divorce decree' to bring attention to it, but to bring attention to how stressed I was about getting it in time. It's coincidental that it happens to be a divorce decree.

Could I have said something to the affect of "We got everything we needed to go get our marriage license" and never brought up his previous marriage? Of course, but oh well, what you see is what you get... like I said, missing sensitivity chip here, I guess. I was too relieved to get it to care much about whether or not anyone was judging us. And you lovelies wouldn't do that to me anyway, would you? :)

So, in a nutshell, yesterday, after I posted yesterday's blog post, got a whole lot better, and today I feel just as sunny as today is. Awww, how cheesy. Oh, I almost forgot; who else lives their life by the 10 day forecast? Probably no one. I reflected last night that my life is passing me by because I live for ten days from now... everyday. Well... we are officially ONE WEEK away from knowing tentatively what our wedding weather will be... WOW! That's my real indicator of how close we are to the wedding. Sooo, I better get to work.

Everyone enjoy the day!!


  1. I just saw your counter and 17 days!! WHOA you are so close! I am loving that you knit your coverup..so personal and awesome!

  2. Whoo! So close!

    It was a beautiful day today! I'm so glad for it! It's probably the last nice day for a while.