Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Upside down face

As we approach the 10 day mark, we're in crunch time. We couldn't get our marriage license when we planned to (Veteran's Day) because most businesses are closed on Veteran's Day. In most civilized societies, the courthouses close on Veteran's Day.
We're now planning on going to the courthouse near Kyle's job because it's still in PA but outside of the city. I went crazy shopping this past weekend and now have my Amish milk cans (Yay!!) as well as a bunch of other stuff I probably don't need.  Anyway, I also bought bubbles (Eeeee!!) because there they were and I just picked them up. No real formal discussion, but now we have bubbles. If people want to blow bubbles (I'm just saying, I will be) there will be bubbles. I don't think I've regaled you with bubble pictures in awhile. This is all the inspiration I've been building up for months:


The tubes are completely generic, so no big, dumb, ostentatious hearts or other nauseating things, just bubbles! I also got a lot of other stuff for aisle markers, and to enhance my hair flower and to decorate the support for the alter. I sewed buttons for suspenders onto pants this weekend and we racked up some miles on the open road; I had to drop off shirts, ties, and suspenders to every member of the party.

I got my mason jars in the mail!!
They're not nearly this green in person, I assume it's because of the countertop that they look so green. They are awesome! I bought some candles this weekend as well to put in some of them. I haven't decided if I might also want to use them hanging from something. It won't be difficult to fashion that up the day of. But, I know, I'm not trying to leave too many decisions till the last minute either.

My dad is at the tail end of fashioning us a fantastic bench. It's actually ten times more fancy and professional than I expected. I saw it this weekend and I teased him about buying it and claiming he made it, but then I was like "seriously, you really made this?!" It is crazy impressive-looking, but I forgot to take a picture of it, OF COURSE! And my mom got my thigh measurement for my garter this weekend as well, so I think I'm going to make that my something new. I think I'm going to make my shoes my something old, although my mom is also trying to find and fish out a hankie from her wedding. She lent me her and my dad's cake cutter to borrow, but then she said "I thought your old, new, borrowed and blue had to be on your person"........... C'mon, man! I already have my blue necklace but I still need to borrow something... Somebody lend me something... anything.

These are also sooo close to being done:
Hooray! There it is!! They are turning out beautifully. And so far I love the little imperfections and warped wood and nicks, etc... Of all the crap I bought this weekend... the only thing I forgot? Chalk.

So, although we're still waiting on one MAJOR response (I mean, I know they're coming, I guess they just might not get to choose what they eat), the man and I set out to do our seating chart. I know what you're thinking... I know what most people think when anyone brings up seating chart... I know what I expected:
But I was wrong! It was one of the easiest things we've done! I did have some issues temporarily trying to fit the right number of people at each table without splitting up families, and some tension arose between us and our coordinator who will not change the positioning of our tables because they'd get in the way of the kitchen or something dumb like that. BUT, we had absolutely no tension between the two of us. We didn't argue about where his parents go or where my work colleagues go, everything just fell into place thanks to Post-Its:
Yes, that's Kyle's kegerator, yes, those are post-its cut into circles and little different-colored post-it tabs for the people- Red is his family, orange is my family, green is our friends. Moving the tables was a breeze, moving the people was a breeze. We're still waiting on those stragglers to fill in those few spaces there, but other than that, I've now been able to start making place cards. Corks are all ready to accept place cards; they all have flat bottoms and a slit in the top for a card. Did I already tell you that? Sorry.

On the other hand, you wanna' know what's giving us the biggest headache?
Say hello to our music list. I'm so tired of looking at this thing, you have no idea. I wouldn't say it's started any fights, but it's just been incredibly frustrating realizing that not that many songs fit into a four hour reception (not to mention that it created more tension when we found out there was absolutely no way to lengthen our reception). We've had to make lists, condense those lists, condense each other's lists, pick our favorites, differentiate between dinner, cocktail hour, and reception, and move several reception songs to cocktail hour just to get rid of them. We spent hours last night finally listening to each other's lists from start to finish and vetoing songs to get down to a reasonable number. The only tension arose when we realized that I do not like Little Feat. Sorry, Baby.

So my world has turned upside down face:
Because seating chart took us about ten minutes to go over together, and was really easy, and music took about 4 hours, and I still think there's a little tension over our vetoes. Not anything that's lasting though, I'm super psyched about our final choices, I think we really ended up with the cream of the crop... you wanna' see? You're gonna' think we're schizos, just warning you:

Mr. Saxobeat Alexandra Stan
Girls (Who Run the World) Bouquet toss Beyonce
Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy) Big and Rich
Hard to Handle Black Crowes
Boom, Boom, Pow Black Eyed Peas
Beyond the Sea Bobby Darin
Livin' on a Prayer Bon Jovi
MoTownPhilly Boyz II Men
Then Brad Paisley
3 Britney Spears
Toxic Britney Spears
Mama's Song Carrie Underwood
Devil Went Down to Georgia Charlie Daniels Band
Le Freak Chic
Harder Better Faster Stronger Daft Punk
Whiskey and You Darius Rucker
Enjoy the Silence Depeche Mode
Come a Little Closer Dierks Bentley
Real Good Man Done Again
Hungry Like the Wolf Duran Duran
All About Love Father/daughter Earth, Wing & Fire
September Earth, Wind & Fire
A Little More Country Than That Easton Corbin
Tonight You Belong To Me Eddie Vedder
Calabria 2008 Enur
Missing Everything But The Girl
More Than Words Extreme
I Ran A Flock of Seagulls
Cosmic Love Florence + the Machine
Howl Florence + the Machine
My Way Last dance Frank Sinatra
Pennsylvania Polka Frankie Yankovic
Friends in Low Places Bridal Party dance Garth Brooks
You Make My Dreams Come True Hall and Oates
Crazy On You Heart
Come Here Boy Imogen Heap
Tidal Imogen Heap
Echo Incubus
Friends and Lovers Incubus
Need You Tonight INXS
Dirty Mind Entering Reception Jeff Beck
Dolly Dagger Jimi Hendrix Experience
Green Light John Legend
Don't Stop Believin' Journey
Any Way You Want It Journey
Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) Katy Perry
Blow After "Just Dance" Ke$ha
Footloose Kenny Loggins
Just Dance After first dance Lady Gaga
I Hope You Dance Mother/Son Leann Womack
Lady Marmalade Bridesmaids Li'l Kim, Christina Aguilera
Little White Church Little Big Town
Sexy and I Know It After garter toss LMFAO
Cut the Cake Cutting the cake L.T.D.
Sweet Home Alabama Lynyrd Skynyrd
Boyz M.I.A.
Teardrop Massive Attack
Down Under Men At Work
Feeling Good Michael Buble
Billie Jean Michael Jackson
Gunpowder and Lead Miranda Lambert
Makin' Plans Miranda Lambert
Disco Science Garter toss Mirwais
Baby It's Cold Outside Norah Jones, Willie Nelson
Love is a Battlefield Pat Benatar
Just Breathe Pearl Jam
Fever Peggy Lee
1901 Phoenix
Let's Go Crazy Prince and The Revolution
Only Girl (In the World) Rihanna
No Ordinary Love Sade
Stupid Sarah McLachlan
Major Tom Shiny Toy Guns
Don't You (Forget About Me) Simple Minds
Stuck in the Middle With You Stealers Wheel
Shape of My Heart Sting
Sweet Disposition Temper Trap
Whatever It is Zac Brown Band
Free Zac Brown Band
Tush ZZ Top

I wish I could effectively illustrate how hard it was to get to that point. I want everyone to know that the Britney Spears is allllll Kyle. I OK'd it, but I'm not taking ownership. So I think no matter what you're into, we've got you covered. Hip hop, dance, funk, country, indie, rock, jazz, 80s, 70s, 90s dance, and the House theme song :) If you can't dance for at least one song at our wedding, you should probably just leave ;) I know it's all over the place, but we really do have this eclectic of a collection. We love music! This was so hard! You should have seen the list before we cut it down! *Sigh* but I can still enjoy those songs some other time; this is just one day, the dance party that we get to choreograph 100%. It puts even more pressure on you to make it perfect!

Well, other than that, I'm getting very little work done at work. I feel guilty about it... so I'm gonna' go pretend to do something for another few hours, then go home early again... and work on wedding stuff some more.

What do you guys think about the things that are "supposed to" be hard versus the ones that aren't? Did you find something you thought would be difficult to be really easy? or vice versa?

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  1. Wow girl, looks like you have it all under control. I love that chalkboard and I can't wait to see the bench that your dad built. How special that he made it!