Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What a day

And it's just now coming to a close. The last awesome thing to happen today was my computer dying in front of me... But I'm being overly dramatic because that was the only bad thing to happen today. I suppose I'm also in a bad mood from being away from the man for a few days before our wedding, and he's busy with work and not happy about the tasks that he has left to do at home while I'm here at my parents, apparently eating bon bons and reading Redbook.

No, he didn't actually say that, and obvs, I have not been just eating bon bons and reading Redbook. Just like last night was text heavy, get ready to get photo-blasted:
Small taste of the stuff that I invaded my parents' garage with. This isn't everything either.
Hooray!!! Place cards!!
Say hello to my little friends! My awesome helpers sister Jordan and Mama who were so awesome today. We worked non-stop and without them, I'd be pulling an all-nighter on this one, and stuff wouldn't have turned out as nice:
Sister Jordan's aisle markers! And the milk jug and watering can above are my Mama's handy work.
Two extra sets of hands was pivotal in getting these babies packaged and labeled. Yes, I used a pineapple for scale, who doesn't?
I did some stuff too though... Plus:

Ta-da!! PVC pipe magically transformed into... something that doesn't look entirely like ugly PVC pipe. I'm sure once it's all said and done, the fabric strip backdrop will remain the focus anyway. Otherwise, we had a problem, we came up with a quick solution, hopefully this solution is... not a total disaster... Full mock-up tomorrow.

My Ma was instrumental in not letting me panic about what time we had left or how many things we had to do still. We got everything that needed to be done to take to the venue tomorrow done. The only tasks left are my personalized hanger, modifications to further prettify my hair flower, and maybe some more bunting. Couldn't have done it without her. Lastly, my pops was on hand too to offer emotional support, and when he wasn't there, I worked most of the day and night right next to this bad boy:
Boom... Yeah, I asked for something like a 3-4 foot picnic bench, I got a hope chest. I'm not complaining!! On the contrary! And my dad then immersed himself into finding just the right marker for guests to sign. He took this request so seriously, and for that, he makes me feel so special.

While I miss the man and could use his support, I'm pretty sure I'm in the right place right now. I'm sure Kyle would be telling me to relax and have a beer, my mom never told me 'Oh, you can put it off till tomorrow' but she's also not freaking out and her calm is keeping me calm. 2.5 days left, and it's crazy late, so I must get some beauty rest. We're taking all the non-perishables to Riverdale tomorrow so they can set stuff up for us on Friday, then I get to relax with a facial and mani/pedi. I have to say that I feel guilty about spending the money but THEE LAST thing I want right now is a freakout or a zit to... pop up :)

How was my fellow brides' last few days? Where did you draw your strength and calm from?


  1. The last few days were the best part of wedding planning... try to relax some and enjoy it because it goes by fast! It will be a beautiful day :)

  2. You seem like you have got it all ready!! YAY!!!! Now just try to relax and it will all go perfect! So excited for you!