Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I still miss Pinterest

A few places Pinterest would have come in handy today:
 Can't wait to see our crates in action. I never ended up buying the fantastic vintage Coca Cola crate, but we don't have anything like mason jar glasses to hand out so, I don't think we're going to miss it.

 I just like this one because our whole floral design will be minimalist like this. Also, from the beginning, my mom had all sorts of cute ideas of how to incorporate test tubes ('cause I'm a scientist... get it?) but in the end, we decided that it wouldn't fit the theme at all. Regardless, look for something like this but in wine bottles instead!
Again, minimalist, but I love lighting. I love candles everywhere! The only aisle decoration we have as of right now is candles, lots of candles; ala my first alter/aisle inspiration:
See? See how wonderful light is?! It's all you really need when it comes down to it. I'm trying so hard to maintain the minimalism. I love seeing people use light... 'cause you can go crazy with candles and it's still minimalist! Win win!!

Anyway, that was just for blog therapy, actual purpose of this post is RSVP breakdown!! Now, I'm not 100% sure how to break up out-of-town versus in town because I've heard that you should classify out-of-town as anyone who has to travel two hours of more... but that would be his whole family! However, their drive is just at the two hour mark, so I believe I am going to classify out-of-town as anyone more than two hours away. 'K?

OK, out of 146 people invited (including us):

  • 117 are local
  • 29 are from out of town

Out of 146 people invited, including us, 94 are coming:
  • 76 are local
  • 18 are from out of town

Our percentages of attendees are then as follows:
  • 65% of locals are coming
  • 62% of out-of-towners are coming

HOWEVER, I don't love this classification- and I'm sure some of you will disagree with me- but several of the ones not coming are "guests" that we only "invited" to be polite and most people that are single aren't bringing one. I have a hard time counting the people that never existed! Because who cares if those nonexistent people aren't coming?! If I disregard the guests that were never going to come in the first place, the numbers look a bit different:
  • 27 out-of-town FRIENDS AND FAMILY

  • Now 77% of locals are coming
  • And 67% of out-of-towners are coming
This is not to boast of how many friends we have or how many want to come to our wedding, it's just to illustrate that we're content with the amount of friends and family that are coming. Our numbers are in line with or even slightly above what I assumed they would be. Kyle was shocked but I told him from the beginning that we should only expect two thirds of guests to make it. I guess he didn't believe me.

Were you surprised (one way or another) about your numbers? or were they right on the money? I have to be honest, I was surprised we landed so close to the normal average and a little pleased that we came out a little above it when we counted only friends and family :)

Oh, and by the way... Holy Forecast, Batman, it's foreal foreal now!!

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