Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm not a bad person...

...I just want to enjoy Pinterest at work! But no! I work at a children's hospital and they block every fun website ever! And of course, the blogosphere was full of awesome Pin-able images today:

The first two images are from Wedding Gawker and the third image is from Once Wed. I wouldn't have had to worry about remembering where they came from if it wasn't for not being able to pin anymore. Pinterest also lets me write a description, so I can remember why I love certain things. The first image is to remember that if there are any particular branches left on the trees with some nice autumn leaves still attached by the end of November, I bet I can find a place for them. My mason jars are shipped!!!

So as for the second image, I can't wait to use the mason jars to hold the bouquets before and after the ceremony. Instead of hiding them or sticking them all in a corner somewhere, I like how this picture has the bouquets smack dab in the middle of a table arrangement. Obviously, the third image is another (and one of thee best in my opinion) way to use my mason jars. I think instead of trying to make a flower arrangement or pay for another flower arrangement, I can always use more light (If I could get to Pinterest right now, I could link to several pictures of awesome lighting)!

In other news! My old crates came in, but I had them shipped to Kyle's work, and I don't have them yet... BUT THEY'RE HERE!! It's about time to make a mock up of the alter where I plan to use some of the crates and lanterns, etc... Gah! I cannot wait to make real the concepts floating around in my head!

In more other news! We are about the put the rest of the money down for our honeymoon!!!

Just in case you didn't hate us enough, there it is again. In 30 days, I'm going to die and go to heaven aka Costa Rica! It's almost ours...

Lastly, I made myself a new to do list (it was so much fun!) and I've got mixed emotions about this one; it's crazy fun, but also crazy expensive:

SPA TIME!!!!! It's time to pamper myself a little, and Kyle too! I'm not happy with my skin right now, so facial is at the top of the list (bye bye $100, but hello beautiful, even, smooth skin... hopefully)

Mani/pedi is a must of course. I was very surprised to learn though that Kyle was down for a mani/pedi with me. My last mani/pedi was before my MOH Mia's wedding and it was awesome. But I plan on enjoying this one even more since it's me and my open-minded sweetie getting pampered together.
As much as I don't think it's the best financial choice, I also want to get another facial right before the wedding, so two facials, and mani/pedis for two equals lots and lots of relaxing fun but an empty wallet. I'm trying to feel guiltier... but I know how awesome it's going to feel and I'm having trouble :) I also know some people get manis weekly and facials monthly leading up to the wedding, so two facials and one mani doesn't make me feel all that overindulgent.

So the overwhelming emotion right now is excitement. RSVP date is coming closer and only a few are still missing. A loooot of packages are coming in the mail, and I've still got itchy internet fingers for a few more Etsy finds. I've got my first facial appointment for tomorrow (eeeeee!!) and I'm trying to coordinate with the man now for our mani/pedi. The only disheartening part is that with Kyle so busy at work and putting so much on his own shoulders, he's been very stressed and not enjoying it at all. I don't know how to lift his mood when the payments and the appointments and the scheduling are not going to go away (girls just need to be told 'awww, I understand, everything will work out' but guys actually need things worked out! 'What? You need me to actually fix something? Sorry, you're on your own there. I was just gonna' pat you on the back').

Does anyone else have a groom that tends to be prone to funks? Facials and Mani/Pedis will help, right??

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  1. I work at a hospital too and all good sites are blocked as stinks!! OMG that honeymoon spot looks to die for!! Jealous! And I have been so bad about my beauty routine, I need to whip my face back into shape!! Spa treatment sounds like the perfect idea!