Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy November!!

This month already has a little significance to me (my birthday's in 9 days, eee!) but now it will also be my wedding month, so HAPPY NOVEMBER!! I'm not going to apologize for being one of the only bloggers that didn't post anything about Halloween. I'm sorry to burst anyone's bubble, but it has never been a favorite holiday of mine. We did absolutely nothing... plus we're the scrooges that didn't even buy candy. But with that being said, we got no knocks on our door either. We went as a pillow fight one year (I made full-body puffy pillowcases for us to wear and we ran around with boxing gloves punching each other), that was fun, but other than that... just really not a holiday we care much about.

Although I know the wedding world loves it, and I do love perusing the Halloween weddings:

(if your names are Ursula and Malachi, you pretty much have to have a Halloween wedding. Sorry)
(all images from Style Unveiled)

So we spent the night looking at shoes and suspenders and watching Disney movies (OK, I was the one watching the movies). Do you wanna' see the shoes my husband-to-be has picked for himself?
I almost told him he can't have them because I would be too jealous. I know, they're ridiculous, but they're also fun and cool (and fake!) so I sanctioned it ;) You've all seen those photos where the bride and groom show off her shoes and his socks, well, we're doing one better!

So, this past weekend, we spent time with our MOH/BM pair Mia and Dan in Baltimore. There was no phallic paraphernalia, no tiaras, no drunken tirades, not even any pictures; just a great time hanging out with our friends. If Kyle and I were going to go all out, we'd have to do the whole Vegas thing and do it right. As it was, a night in Baltimore, back in our old stomping grounds, was just what the doctor ordered. We had a great time and no police were involved! Win win!! So thank you to Mia and Dan, who showed us an awesome time! Sorry, to everyone else, for not having pictures. This concept of what the bachelor/bachelorette party was supposed to be like was just lost on me. I don't have a lot of female friends, I never saw a scenario where we would all dress up in tutus and wear tiaras, so I didn't see the point in documenting our decidedly normal night out. Kyle didn't even wear a button-down or anything, and he certainly didn't wear a tiara.

Otherwise, I keep asking myself why I'm not freaking out over our fast-approaching nuptials, and I keep telling myself it's because I don't have time to freak out; I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF TO DO!!! The burlap bunting is not done, our chalkboards need to be completed, and we need to work on the support for the alter. I'm still knitting, writing thank you notes from the bridal shower, and I still need to do a few more yarn orbs. FREAKING OUT IS A COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE WASTE OF TIME!! No, but seriously, we still have time (I'm actually more concerned for how all this stuff is going to fit in my car!) and I'm still maintaining that as long as our loved ones are close, we can afford to be a few yarn orbs short.

Back to work so I can go home early and GET BACK TO REAL WORK! Did anyone else have a less stereotypical "bachelorette" party? Does anyone else have a groom as stylish as mine??

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  1. I know girl, I feel the to do list keeps growing and growing and we are still 5 months out, there is just TOOOOO much to do and you are right not enough time to freak out. But you will get it all done, you are sooo organized!