Friday, November 18, 2011


After a harrowing car ride (not really), the man and I arrived at the Bucks County courthouse yesterday and after not waiting at all... literally, there was no line, we got our fancy marriage license. I can't show you though, because we didn't actually get it! Boooooo, we have to wait three days to even have it in our possession. It was depressing, because I wanted to walk out with it and get one of those pictures that everyone always gets outside the courthouse with their marriage license.
Yeah, Kyle wouldn't have been havin' any o' this!


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I mean, this is why we blog right? Or is it the other way around. It was all very anticlimactic as well; they fill all the info out on a computer screen so there's no hunching over a form trying to remember where your mom was born (I mean, no, you still need to remember where your mom was born, but you just blurt something out because the lady is waiting for you so she can enter the info into the computer and it's already 4:00 and the place closes at 4:30 so HURRY THE HECK UP!)

I kid, it wasn't that stressful, it was actually a lot easier not having to write all the info out... someone was just going to have to enter it into a computer eventually anyway! So, good move on the courthouse's part. Kyle had had a ridiculous day at work too so even if I wanted to get a picture sans license, I don't think he would have been feeling it, regardless.

Well, anyway, in other big occurrences, I woke up this morning, hopped in the shower, and realized that in exactly a week, I would be taking a shower at the same time, in the same way, but it would be only a few hours before my wedding. I did my hair in a similar way that I'll be doing it for the wedding. I picked my intimates with care, only differences were that I didn't have time to moisturize, and I probably won't be wearing jeans and an old sweater exactly one week from now. Anyway, I got to work this morning and sat down and realized that at this time, today I was running around like crazy, cursing at machines, but in exactly one week I'll be eating breakfast with my party and my parents. Ten o'clock hit and things slowed down at work, and I realized that in exactly a week, my brideslovelies will be getting their hair done.

In an hour, I'm going to lunch with my friend Derek, but in exactly one week, in one hour, I'll be showing up at Riverdale and setting up for the day! In exactly one week and four more hours, precisely, I'll be a married lady!

But for now, a week seems like an eternity away. I still have to get back to work now, then go to lunch, then get back to work, then go to a journal club this afternoon, and I still have way too much stuff to do... I'm happy I still have a week. But, my stress level is still at a very reasonable place right now, so I'm a happy happy bride-to-be.

How did everyone else feel at the one week mark? Was your marriage license trip underwhelming?


  1. Atleast you can cross if off your to - do list..then post a pic of you two once you have it in your sweet little hands. :)