Friday, November 11, 2011


Get ready for ohhs and ahhs and awwwwws all around. Welcome the newest member of the crew and congrats to our Maid of Honor/Best Man dream team:
This is how fantastic Mia looked right out of the hospital (maybe a little tired... but I'd love to look that good after three days with no shower!) 
He's soooo tiny! Yes, in case you were wondering, 6 lb, 12 oz is TINY! Look at his sweet spiky hair!! And that little button nose!!! Grandma's hand is reference.
Proud Papa and Mama with the little bundle. I hate how perky they look! ;)

My favorite shot of the weekend:
Ha! Yeah, I told him he'd be holding that baby by the end of the weekend. We didn't help much because Mia's mom was there the whole time we were, but we were able to let Mom and Dad nap for awhile during times like this.

Le sigh...


  1. So cute!!! I was 6 lbs 12 oz too - all the cool babies are! So happy the baby came early and all went well :)

  2. aaaahhhhhhh!!!!! so cute!!! if mia ever needs a babysitter over christmas or summer i'm available ;)