Monday, March 12, 2012

Eleven Twenty Five Eleven: We sober up.

Just kidding! Neither of us were drunk anyway. This is actually a good place to plug water drinking during your wedding; IT'S IMPORTANT!! I was more sore and dehydrated the next day than anything else. When you're so excited and moving around so much, there's really not much of a chance that you're going to get hammered unless you're really trying, like, really hard.

Anyway, way to ruin that joke. Moving on! As I mentioned last week, Ben took us outside after the reception for some nighttime shots. Turns out Riverdale has an adorable little gazebo outside. But don't take my word for it:

Most of these pictures obviously look exactly the same. But I just put them all in anyway (actually this isn't even all of them. I took out ones where we were making funny faces)

I think they're all pretty sweet because of the colors and the setting and the lighting.

We just talked and danced and then got a little fancy. Kyle's a great dipper and twirler!

I do have to be a little conceited and say I love the detail in the dress. That's part of the reason I like looking at these photos. But it's mostly how sweet they are :D

And I'm going "Whoa, I'm dizzy!" Should have drank more water!

So then Ben turns his lights up to 'stadium setting' or something and I'm not 100% sold on it. I do like how bright the contrast is between the white gazebo and the black sky around us, but I I think I preferred those more muted colors above.

Finally, we moved back inside to the farmhouse for some cute rustic shots in there.

These are some of Kyle's favorites.




I edited this one to make it feel more modern. I think our feet on the ground looked awkward, so I gave this one a 'the focal point is in an odd place' thing. Who says the couple always has to be right in the middle of the field of view? Shake things up a bit! I love this picture better for it.

So anyways, one last look at us being all kissy-faced. I keep forgetting but I have some prints at home that I want to show off of our portraits! Hopefully I will remember to take pictures of them and the thank you notes too! (which aren't done and I feel sooooo guilty about)

Tomorrow is DETAILS!!! (I know, I keep teasing you with it! I promise, no more teasing after tomorrow!)

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Eleven Twenty Five Eleven: This is your dance space, this is my dance space
Eleven Twenty Five Eleven: We did it our way!

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  1. Again your photos are so amazing. Seriously you had a very talented photographer, but it also helps that both you and your man are beautiful! I love the gazebo shots too and I agree, I like the darker ones better than the ones with the bright lights. What a special moment between you and the Mister. :)