Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Eleven Twenty Five Eleven: DETAILS!!!

I'm excited two fold for this post; details are awesome, but also, since there are details involved in the whole wedding, looking at the details alone is kind of like reliving the whole thing again... but without people.

Anyway, as promised (I know it's a day late, I wasn't feeling well yesterday, shut up!), all the nitty gritty:
Very hard to say what my favorite dress or hanger picture is as Ben gave me even more than I'm showing here, but I just couldn't choose, so there's lots to ogle at :)


 Next we move outside to the ceremony site... Still so in love with that alter!
 Aisle markers courtesy of Sister Jordan:

Some of my favorite things...

G signing the bench my Daddy-o made!
I adore these two pics; the odd angle of the menu sign and the broke down Cards sign! Awesome job, Ben!

Have you seen our favors?! All the work and excitement over these babies and I'm super psyched how well they turned out. Just like I'd hoped, well worth all the time and effort.

Gotta' thank Mother Nature somewhat for the awesomeness of the invitation pictures, but Ben also did OK ;)

I was a tad disappointed that I forgot to bring a complete invitation suite because it looks kinda' wimpy without the RSVP envelope and the RSVP... but in general, who needs to see the invitation. Kyle's mom kept one intact.

Here's the swoon-worthy part. I LOOOOVE these ring shots. Impossible to choose my favorites, so here's all of them :D

Swooning yet??

*Sigh* Moving along... Girls and guys getting ready:

FLOWERS!!! Another case of not being able to choose favorites:
Ceremony details!

Lots and lots of reception details! It's amazing to see, I think everything turned out just how I hoped. The only thing Ben missed was the crates and wine bottles I had stacked all artfully over by the desserts and coffee tables and the chair ribbons, but that's literally it, and the only reason I'm the least bit sad about it is because I never made it over to the desserts or coffee tables to see them myself :( But we still love Ben :)

So so happy with all the colors and details that we incorporated. Loved that Amish stuff :)

Love the close ups of Nick working and his equipment!

Menu Love!!!

A couple other details. I loved the windows and the beams and the floorboards. I am still in love with our venue!
Finally, our awesome cake that I will always forever love dearly, in all its glory!

I hope you've enjoyed recaps as much as I have! I truly believe that between my friends and family and Ben and the florist and baker and DOC and of course Kyle and myself, we've built some memories to last a lifetime. And there's so much pressure on Ben because memory can only serve so much, the rest has to be documented, and he did a phenomenal job. I love looking back at these pictures. Thanks to him, I can always love looking back at these pictures, and anything that slips my mind is documented for me to remember and relive over and over again!

I want to end with my absolute favorite picture of the day... You might think I'm silly, but I love this picture, and I've been purposefully saving it for last. Because this is what it's all about:
That's my sweetie, lovin' on me XD

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  1. I love that your photographer got so many great detail shots!! So lovely!