Thursday, March 8, 2012

Welcome to Sudden Valley

Yes, it sounds like something bad is about to happen there. I believe I mentioned how frustrating this house search has been on a few occasions. I just wanted to take a break today to really just let out some frustration.

This picture is from a house that is selling for $350,000... REALLY?!?!
 Now if it rotated, then we'd be talkin'!

Next up is a brand new construction in a great area (good school district, really close to work). $334,900. Pricey but not as bad as the bad boy above, especially considering there is no Larry Flynt 70s sex room platform bed:

I think to myself, whoo hoo!! This could be awesome! Decent price for the size and the location and brand spanking new! I do a google map search to check the area/make sure it's not on a busy road... REALLY?!?!?!?!
I could murder the builder right about now and the listing agent who so artfully photographed this house for the real estate website. I'm speechless, so I'm gonna' stop here... I've got to step away for awhile.


  1. Hey, I just saw an episode of the Vanilla Ice show on DIY channel, where he intentionally created a new sex platform bed in a house he was flipping. You could be on the cutting edge of the new trend!

  2. now that's something I'd marinate a chicken in!