Monday, March 26, 2012

Two awesome things

Every now and then, I hear about non-wedding-related stuff and I want to share it, but then I say 'I'm not going to bother everyone with this one dumb thing.' Then sometimes I hear about two non-wedding-related stuffs in one day and I decide to bother everyone with both of them!

First, every now and then, scientists do very silly things, like this:
This is indeed very silly. I can't believe I haven't shown it till now. Well, I just became aware of a new silly thing, that's also for a good cause. Every time someone views this next video, a donation is made for cancer research. The older guys in the video are some of thee premier cancer researchers in the world, which just makes it sooo much funnier.
Every now and then, scientists do these silly things because really, we have no shame, and the amount of work that goes into it just cracks me up, because ofttimes it seems we have no sense of humor. WE DO!!

Oh the other thing? Oh, just that we're home owners now...

WHOO HOOOO!!! Kyle and I put an offer in for a sweet little split level in the burbs and they countered, but we didn't want to fight or lose it, so we accepted. And now we own a house!!! You wanna' see?!

Cute yes?! It's a four bedroom, two and half bath 2,750 sqft split level! Plenty of space for all our crap :)

That sitting room has a massive picture bay window, it gets fantastic morning light.
It's very well-maintained, doesn't look like we have any work to do right off the bat; paint and drywall is in good shape, hardwood and tile floors are great.
 Large bedrooms, good bathrooms, really nice warm paint choices throughout.

 Feels like home!
It used to be a dentist office, so it has several bonus rooms on the lower level, and lots and lots of space; walled off right now, but as we have the time and money, the lower level will be transformed into a gigantic living room with a wet bar and a full guest suite.
The house has a covered, three season porch and an open brick patio, so we'll be able to be outside almost all year round!
One of the best features: we're on a corner lot and we have a half acre!

Sure, maybe as we go along we'll feel the need to make it a little more modern but for the time being, I am so super excited we've found such a sweet first home. I think we can really start living a real day-to-day life now, not just a "I hope we don't see a roach in the kitchen today" life. No more "I hope all that banging and yelling is across the street and not on our front porch." No longer a "need to wear shoes throughout the house to avoid blackfeet" life (it's the downstairs carpet, not my cleaning skills, I swear!).

For the recently married or getting married soon or even the married for a long time ladies, did you get super excited moving into your first house with your new hubby??

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  1. Yay for a new house!! You guys so deserve to have a fantastic one, after all those years in your apartment. Good find, too - it looks really nice :)